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Why should you consider appling to the Fire Cadet?

Cadet on ladder

Is this program right for you?

Besides learning fire skills, what's in this for you?

For starters, if you prepare and submit your application, you will gain many skills that may help you find a future job or gain admittance into a post-secondary school. You get a chance to create a resume, summarize your goals and ambitions and find a character reference. You can get help with your resume from a school career practitioner, teacher or parent.

You also have the opportunity to write an essay that describes why you would be a good candidate for our next Fire Cadet class.

Once in the academy, you will learn more than rescue techniques and fire suppression. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Leadership training and skills
  • Teamwork skills and experience
  • Self-confidence
  • New friends
  • High school credits
  • Volunteer experience
  • CPR training
  • A glimpse into the firefighting career
  • Many experiences, certifications and skills to add to your resume

If you have questions about applying to the academy, speak to your career practitioner, seek out a current cadet or contact 311.