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Firefighter Qualifications

Only the most qualified applicants will be chosen to move forward in the Firefighter pre-screening process.

What do I need to apply?

Before you apply, you must:

  • Be at least 18 years of age
  • Be a Canadian citizen or permanent resident
  • Have at least a High school diploma or equivalency
  • Have a valid Class 5 driver's license or provincial / territorial equivalent without a Graduated Driver’s License (GDL) status and with
    • less than 7 demerit points
    • no current or pending suspensions
  • Be at least 3 years clear from any criminal activity. This includes having no criminal charges pending before the courts
  • Have been granted a pardon or record suspension for any criminal convictions
  • Meet the soft drug use parameters below. It’s your responsibility to know what it legal and what is illegal.
    • No more than one (1) illegal soft drug usage within one (1) year of the application date
    • No more than three (3) illegal soft drug usages within three (3) years of the application date
      • Illegal soft drugs are defined as: Marijuana, hashish, hash oil (prior to the date of legalization, Oct 17 2018), edible cannabis extracts, cannabis topicals (prior to the date of legalization, Oct 17 2019) and Mushrooms.
      • Recreational cannabis use, up to the date of legalization, will be assessed using the legislation in place prior to October 17, 2018 and Oct 17 2019 respectively.
      • All applicants will be asked about incidents of impaired driving. If an applicant uses cannabis within three (3) hours (this timeline is subject to change) of operating a vehicle, we will consider them to have been in a state of impairment as recommended by the Canadian Public Health Association.
  • Meet the hard drug use parameters below. Examples of hard drugs include, but are not limited to: steroids, cocaine, meth, fentanyl.
    • No hard drug use within three (3) years of the application date
  • Meet all our immunization requirements

To complete the pre-screening process, you must meet all of the medical and fitness requirements. You will also have to provide proof of having any item listed on this page.

How can I make my application stronger?

Our selection process is very competitive. If you have any of the skills or qualifications listed below, include them on your application to make it stronger.

  • Advanced First Aid certificate from any facility approved by the Alberta College of Paramedics (ACP) or from a St. John Ambulance or Canadian Red Cross provider (must still be valid at the time you apply).
    • We will also accept an EMR, EMT/PCP, or EMT-P/ACP certificate including a practice permit/license from the Alberta College of Paramedics (ACP) or equivalent provincial/territorial facility (must be valid at the time you apply).​
  • Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) certification at the Health Care Provider (HCP) level or a Basic Life Support (BLS) certificate (must not have expired).
  • Alberta Class 1, 2, or 3 driver's license with Air Brake (Q) endorsement, or provincial equivalent (must not have expired).

    You do not need your Advanced First Aid, CPR-HCP/BLS, or professional driver’s license before you apply. Having them before you apply will make your application more competitive. You will need these qualifications in order to qualify for a Conditional Job Offer; Conditional Job Offers are generally presented ten weeks prior to the start date of a recruit training class.
  • Post-secondary diploma or degree
  • Journeyman Certificate
  • Firefighter training
  • Experience as a full-time firefighter; including military, seasonal, forestry, paid on call, volunteer
  • Experience in Emergency Services or uniformed Public Servant roles (Law Enforcement, EMS, Military, Corrections, Park Ranger, Peace Officer)
  • Cadet Program (Fire, Police, Sea, Air, Army, etc)
  • Volunteering and/or community involvement (unpaid positions not including firefighting)
  • Fluent in languages other than English

All costs for getting and renewing any licenses, certifications, and/or other designations are at the applicant’s expense.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​