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Century Gardens park redevelopment


Updated April 12, 2019

Century Gardens is a recognized historic resource that was originally developed in 1975 to celebrate Calgary’s Centennial, the landscape is an abstraction of the nearby Rocky Mountains and Foothills. At over 40 years old, the park’s mechanical and electrical equipment, and some above ground features are reaching the end of their lifecycle. These lifecycle upgrades have given Parks an opportunity to explore the park further and to create a redevelopment plan for its overall use.

Project update - April 2019

We are well underway with the planning and implementation of construction for 2019.  Crews are currently building the two new park pavilions that will frame the existing southwest corner water feature.  Major site utility work will commence in the coming months.  Unfortunately, unforeseen challenges have resulted in a construction completion date of Summer 2020:

  • During the demolition phase undocumented foundations, grade beams and other infrastructure were discovered that had to be removed.
  • The largest delay is due to unplanned utility work and scheduling with other on street construction projects causing a re-plan of the storm water, sanitary, and water lines.
  • Rescheduling of work and sub trades during the winter months added to these delays.  
We believe that we have addressed the major issues and are confident the park will reopen during the summer of 2020.

Redevelopment highlights

The concept for the site redevelopment was created with extensive public engagement. The changes will make the park more open and welcoming, while preserving historic fountains.

Redevelopment highlights include:

  • New year-round washrooms.
  • A small grassed amphitheatre.
  • Retained historic fountains.
  • Retained public art.
  • A new central splash pond with water jets.
  • Upgraded fountains, landscaping, lighting and security.
  • Wider entrances, improved site lines and increased route options.
  • Two new park pavilions, which could house a café, a seating area, and office space.
  • Controlled access to the upper south-west corner fountain level.
  • The planting of 70 new trees and retention of 16 trees.
Concept design renderings of park

Construction for development of this park began in early 2018 and is expected to be completed by summer 2020. Fencing is in place and the construction area will remain closed until the project is complete.

Construction impacts

The park will be closed to the public during construction for safety reasons. Although we are trying to minimize disruption to the area outside the park, we expect the following closures:

  • The 8 Street SW sidewalk alongside the park.
  • The 8 Avenue SW sidewalk alongside the park.
  • Single lane closures along 8 Street SW and 8 Avenue SW as required.

Developing the concept

Parks worked with stakeholders and a consultant team (Phillips Farevaag Smallenberg and Carson McCulloch Associates Ltd.) to develop a concept for the park’s redevelopment. Initial feedback from park users and key stakeholders was gathered using a Park Use Assessment (survey). Through the survey, The City could observe how, when and why people used the park, as well as what perceptions and preferences citizens had concerning park features and opportunities. From there, four different concepts were presented to key stakeholders for their input. From the feedback collected, a preferred concept was created that incorporates elements and features from each of the original four. This preferred concept focuses on creating a space for Calgarians to use any time of day, any day of the week and any season. The design invites people to use the park during lunchtime, for unstructured and informal activities, and as a corridor link between the beltline area into the downtown core.

Thank you to everyone who completed the online survey providing feedback on the draft concept for the redevelopment of Century Gardens. The survey was available from September 3 – October 15, 2014. Survey results and a summary report are available.