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Pesticide-free parks in Calgary


Worried about exposure to pesticides at Calgary's parks? The City provides several pesticide-free parks for you and your family to enjoy.

Hawkwood Park
10 Hawkmount Gr. N.W.

The park in Hawkwood is the latest to become pesticide-free as of 2007. With approximately 820 square meters of parkland, the park amenities include a playground, mulched tree and shrub beds and green space.

New Edinborough Park
625 3 Ave. N.W.

New Edinborough Park is approximately 4,768 square meters in size. This mature park is irrigated and consists of a large playground, a large play field area and an ice surface during the winter months.

Killarney Park
2828 28 St. S.W.

The Killarney/Glengarry community centre is located next to this park, which measures approximately 18,000 square meters, and is the largest pesticide-free park in the City of Calgary. The park provides a variety of services and activity areas in the Killarney community. The park consists of a playground and a large sports field area. Large tree and shrub beds surround the property.

Chinook Park
91 Colleen Cres. S.W.

Chinook Park has been pesticide-free since 2001. The park consists of two playgrounds that are surrounded by green space.

Penbrooke Park
376 Penworth Way S.E.

It is a smaller park at approximately 820 square meters in size. The park mainly serves the local residents of the community, and features a playground, large mature evergreens, a mulched tree and shrub bed, and green space.