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Common pests in Calgary

Weeds, insects, animals and diseases can ravage our gardens, parks, green spaces and natural areas. It's critical to be aware of these natural predators, so The City has compiled information on the most common pests in Calgary.

Common pests in Calgary


While weeds can be frustrating for many people, only invasive or noxious weeds need to be removed under the Alberta Weed Control Act. Common weeds and invasive plants in Calgary include giant hogweed, creeping bellflower, dame’s rocket, black henbane and toadflax.


While dandelions can be frustrating, they play a crucial part in the ecosystem. 

Noxious and Prohibited Noxious weeds belong in your black cart.



Each year, The City takes the necessary steps to reduce the impact of invasive insects throughout Calgary. Wasps and mosquitos are frequent visitors around the city and can cause a nuisance with bites; however, they are also vital to the overall success of our ecosystem.  


We are currently monitoring for the emerald ash borer (EAB), an invasive beetle that infests ash trees. While EAB has not yet been found in Calgary, we are monitoring it proactively, as early detection is critical in helping us slow the spread of EAB and prolong the life of our ash trees. Learn what you can do to help prevent the spread of this pest.


From squirrels to pigeons to beavers to geese, Calgary's wild animal population can burden our natural areas and city streets, but they also play a vital part in our ecosystem.


Learn more about animals in your yard, like micenorthern pocket gophersRichardson's ground squirrels (gophers) and voles.

Tree diseases

Our trees are one of Calgary's greatest assets, but they can also get sick. Together, we can take steps to prevent and treat tree diseasesLooking after our trees will keep Calgary's landscape fresh, vibrant, and healthy.​​​​​​

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Calgary's wildlife

Wildlife within Calgary's parks play a very important role in maintaining and sustaining a healthy environment. Our natural parks range in size from 0.43 hectares to 1127 hectares and are home to an array of both flora and fauna, including wild animals that can make a stroll through the park very memorable. Find out more about wildlife in Calgary.

Pest management in Calgary

Pest Management is a healthy approach to keeping pest populations under control. See how The City manages pests.