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Sport Field Strategy and Review


Calgary’s Athletic Parks and playfields are highly valued recreational spaces, with over 700 sport groups booking these facilities annually.


In 2014, we hired a consultant, RC Strategies, to conduct a review of all City of Calgary playfields and athletic parks (now referred to collectively as Sport Fields). This work was completed in Nov 2016. View strategy. Through this review it was found that some sport groups have not been able to book sports fields because of historical block booking agreements being rolled over each year. This caused some groups to have to travel long distances to find an available field, or not have access to a field at all.

We developed a Sport Field Strategy (SFS) to address the issues the review found. The goal of The City of Calgary’s SFS is to ensure that the right user group is using the right field at the right time.

The SFS benefits all user groups as it provides a fair, transparent and equitable system for allocating field use. Moving forward, allocations will be based on annual requirements of all groups, including the needs of emerging sports.

Currently, we manage 12 Athletic Parks (Class A – C), which consist of 41 rectangular fields and nine ball diamonds. It also stewards 434 rectangular fields, 417 ball diamonds and 7 cricket pitches (Class D).

Research and engagement were critical elements to the development of the SFS - recommendations were heavily informed by research along with public and stakeholder engagement

View the What we heard report and the research document for details.