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Father David Bauer and Norma Bush Arenas


Father David Bauer and Norma Bush Arenas are available for bookings from 6 a.m. to midnight, seven days a week during prime hockey season (October through March). Requests outside of these hours will be considered. Adjacent to the arenas are Foothills Aquatic Centre Foothills Athletic Park and Foothills Track.​


Father David Bauer ice rink, N.W. Calgary
Father David Bauer ice rink
Arenas are available for bookings only:
Arena booking information


2424 University Drive N.W. - Map
311 or 403-268-CITY (2489) if calling from outside Calgary

Accessibility information

Arena features

  • One 185' x 85' artificial ice surface
  • One Olympic ice surface – 200' x 100'
  • Home of the:
    • U of C Dino's
    • NWCAA - Northwest Calgary Athletic Association 
    • Calgary Junior A Mustangs
    • Western Hockey League
  • 1750 / 60 person spectator seating capacity
  • One meeting room seating 20 people
  • One concession open game nights
  • Hot and cold vending machines

For your safety and enjoyment helmets (CSA approved) are strongly recommended for all participants during ice activity and in particular for children and youth.

Looking for more places to skate? Recreation runs 12 Arenas in Calgary.