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Rentals and Bookings Book a meeting room


The City of Calgary offers several meeting room options in multiple locations across the city.


Meeting room locations and features

Prepare to be flexible on date, time and location. If your first choices aren’t available, having two or three options on hand will make the availability search easier.

N.W. Calgary

Location Room sizes Amenities

Father David Bauer

2424 University Drive N.W. 

Medium (1 room) - seating for 20

Washrooms, tables, seminar table, chairs, white board, sink/water, overhead projector, cold vending machine & snack vending machine

N.E. Calgary

Location Room sizes Amenities

Henry Viney arena

814 13 Avenue N.E.

Small (1 room) - seating for 15

Washrooms, table, seminar table, chairs, sink/water, white board, cold vending machine

Village Square Leisure Centre

2623 56 Street N.E.

Medium (7 rooms) - seating for 20

Washrooms, tables, chairs, sink/water, cold vending machines

S.W. Calgary

Location Room sizes Amenities

Optimist arena

5020 26 Avenue S.W.

Medium (1 room) - seating for 25

Washrooms, tables, seminar table, chairs, white board, flip chart, fridge, sink/water, cold vending machines

Rose Kohn arena

502 Heritage Drive S.W.

Small (1 room) - seating for 15

Large (1 room) - seating for 30

Washrooms, table, chairs, white board, sink/water, HDMI port, projector, screen

Southland Leisure Centre

2000 Southland Drive S.W.

Small (1 room) - seating for 12

Washrooms, tables, seminar table (some rooms), white boards (some rooms), sink/water (some rooms), chairs, cold vending machines

S.E. Calgary

Location Room sizes Amenities

Calgary Soccer Centre

7000 – 48 Street S.E.

Small (1 room) - seating for 6

Medium (1 room) - seating for 18

Washrooms, tables, chairs, dry erase whiteboard, projector (if requested)

Ernie Starr arena

4808 14 Avenue S.E.

Small (1 room) - seating for 12

Washrooms, table, chairs, whiteboard, cold vending machines

Max Bell Centre

1001 Barlow Trail S.E.

Large (2 rooms) - seating for 30

Washrooms, table, seminar table, chairs, white board, overhead projector, hot & cold vending machines, concession

Rental rates

Meeting rooms can be booked in one-hour increments. A no-charge 30-minute time slot will be added to the end of your booking to allow for cleaning between bookings. 

Booking type Rate

Small meeting room (1-15 people)

​$15.00 / hour

Medium meeting room (16-29 people)

$25.00 / hour

Large meeting room (30+ people)

$35.00 / hour

Damage deposit for special event bookings: 25% of rental total or otherwise determined by arena manager upon event approval.​

Booking Schedule

Booking timelines for arena meeting rooms

Meeting room booking dates Apply on or after

​April to August 2024

​January 29, 2024

September 2024

​July 22, 2024

​October to December 2024

​August 26, 2024

​January to March 2025

October 7, 2024

Before you book

Customers must have a Live & Play account set up prior to adding bookings to their basket. Corporate accounts can only be created through the Booking & Registration Client Support.

Availability & booking

A limited number of meeting rooms are available to book online. All meeting rooms are available for booking between 8 a.m. and 10 p.m. Meeting rooms are rented on an hourly basis.

Online bookings must be submitted at least 3 days in advance of the meeting (Example - if it is currently Friday at 2:53 p.m., the earliest date/time a customer can book a meeting room appointment is for Monday at 3:00 p.m). Meetings can't be booked more than 30 days in advance.

Rules, conditions & terms

Our rental terms and conditions apply to all meeting room users. You’ll be asked to accept them during the applications process. Facility staff may establish and enforce additional rules as deemed necessary. The City of Calgary is not liable for any personal injury, or loss or damage to personal property that may result from meeting room use.

Rules & regulations

​​We want everyone to enjoy their time at our facilities. Rules and regulations help create a safe, responsible and respectful environment for all. They apply to all City-facility users – please do your part. Failing to comply may result in a loss of rental privileges.

  • Put all garbage in the receptacles provided
  • Report accidents/injuries to facility staff
  • Take care not to damage the facility - anyone who does is responsible for repair/replacement costs

Alcohol zero tolerance policy

The City of Calgary has zero tolerance for alcohol consumption at Recreation and Parks facilities. We ask you to follow these guidelines to ensure a safe and enjoyable family environment for all.

This Zero Tolerance guideline protects users, visitors and staff from risk and/or injury. For more information, refer to The Alberta Gaming, Liquor & Cannabis Act, Section 89 (1)​.

These guidelines apply to all arenas, athletic parks, pools, playfields and multi-purpose facilities. Exceptions are noted. Otherwise the penalties for consuming alcohol at a City facility are:

  1. First offence – all related bookings at the facility where the offence took place will be cancelled without refund.
  2. Second offence – all related bookings at any City of Calgary facility will be cancelled without refund.

Also prohibited

  • smoking or vaping
  • Cannabis products
  • Chewing tobacco
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Swearing or using offensive language
  • Unauthorized food, beverages, goods and services
  • Unauthorized raffles or lotteries
  • Pets

Zero Tolerance Policy Exceptions

Alcohol may be served at City of Calgary facilities with pre-approval from The City, as follows:

  • Festivals/Events booked through Recreation with approval/license from The Alberta Gaming, Liquor and Cannabis (AGLC) agency and paid security.
  • Private adult events booked through an Athletic Park Special Event Application Form, with proof of AGLC approval/license. Security is provided for the duration of the event at a cost of $25 per hour per security guard. Security volunteers are not permitted.
  • Concessions with an AGLC license to sell alcohol.
  • Third parties leasing City facilities with an AGLC license to sell alcohol for activities or events (i.e. the Tennis Academy, Volleydome Inc.).

Terms & conditions

Facility rental terms and conditions

R 1518 (R2008-11) B

The conditions listed below apply to the use of the facility for which this permit is issued. Facilities managed by the Calgary Board of Education and the Calgary Catholic Separate School Division #1 may have additional regulations which are established by the respective School Board and which if applicable are attached.

The City of Calgary Bylaws govern appropriate activities and behaviour in parks and facilities, and all renters are required to abide by these bylaws and their regulations. These bylaws may be found at In addition, regulations and requirements laid out in the permit Conditions of Use section, permit Additional Notes section and the following apply:

1. Changes to Permits (by the customer)

Once a permit has been issued, any amendments made by the renter involving the cancellation of time(s) and/or date(s) will result in an administrative fee of $10 plus GST/10 bookings/permit. Notification to The City of Calgary Facility Bookings must be received in writing within a minimum of:

  • 30 (thirty) calendar days in advance of the rental date for all facility types. Christmas, Spring/Easter breaks, additional time will be required. Please call 403-268-3800, option #1 to determine the timeline affecting your permits.
  • 7 (seven) calendar days in advance of rental date for Picnic Sites. 
  • No cancellations or refunds permitted for Spring/Summer (April 1 – August 31) arena bookings.
  • No cancellations or refunds permitted for E Class playfields once season starts (April 15)

Failure to observe these timelines will result in the renter being charged the full cost of the rental.

2. Changes to Permits (by The City of Calgary)

The City of Calgary reserves the right to cancel or amend this permit in advance of the date should special circumstances arise. In these circumstances, a full credit or refund will be made to the renter (or alternate date(s) provided where possible).

3. Credits and Refunds Related to Weather/Maintenance

  • Credits or refunds will be processed automatically for Athletic Park and Calgary Soccer Centre  closures.
  • Credits or refunds for inclement weather will not be issued for D class playfields, Picnic sites and Tennis courts. 
  • Credits or refunds will not be issued for E-class playfields.

4. Behaviour of Rental Party

I agree that as the person in whose name this permit has been executed that:

  1. I am responsible for the actions of those who use the facility during the time of rental;
  2. I will pay for the reasonable costs of any damage caused to the facilities by my actions or the actions of those who use the facility during the time of rental;
  3. I will take reasonable steps to ensure that no unauthorized persons enter the facility during the time of rental;
  4. I will indemnify and save harmless The City of Calgary and/or the Calgary Board of Education and/or the Calgary Catholic Separate School District #1 from and against all actions, causes of action, suits, demands, payments, judgments or settlement, including solicitor client costs which arise from my use or the use of the facility by those I represent, except where such actions arise from the negligence of The City of Calgary, the Calgary Board of Education or the Calgary Catholic Separate School District #1.

This permit may be cancelled at any time if, in the opinion of The City or School Board, the conduct of those using the facility is not satisfactory.

5. Insurance

Organizations or individuals renting facility space through The City of Calgary are required to carry general liability insurance acceptable to the Risk Management section of the Law Department in an amount of not less than Two Million Dollars ($2,000,000) inclusive limit for any one occurrence and such insurance shall include the City of Calgary and the respective School Board as additional insured. This insurance must not have a participant’s exclusion.

6. Ticket Sales, Liquor Events, Gambling, Smoking

Organizations charging admission to events in City facilities are responsible for ticket sales; The City may take a percentage of any gate admissions charged to participants. No gambling is permitted. Liquor may only be consumed where a permit has been obtained and in space designated for its consumption. The Calgary Board of Education and the Calgary Separate School District do not permit any alcohol in schools. Smoking is not permitted in any facility.

7. Unauthorized use

No permit holder may assign or sublet their interest in a City or School Board facility.

8. Personal information

The personal information collected in the process of issuing this facility rental permit is obtained under the authority of Section 33(c) of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act and is necessary for operating a program or activity of this public body.

Further, this information may be used for marketing purposes specifically related to programs or services delivered directly by The City of Calgary Recreation and will not be sold or shared with any individual or organization, except with the consent of the individual or organization, or as required by law. If you have questions about the collection and use of this information, please contact Facility Bookings at 403-268-3800, Option 2.

ISC: Unrestricted

Payment options

When booking through Booking & Registration Client Support a Risk Management Fee of $4.75 applies (for both a single meeting or a series of dates). Payment is due once we confirm your meeting room is booked. We accept:

  • Credit cards
    Visa, MasterCard and American Express.
  • Debit cards or cash
  • Cheques
    Cheques are payable to The City of Calgary.​

Pay in Person at:
Southland Leisure Centre - 2000 Southland Drive S.W.
Village Square Leisure Centre - 2623 56 Street N.E.

Pay by Phone: 403-268-3800 (option 2)

Pay by Mail:
City of Calgary Recreation
Booking & Registration Client Support #68
Post office Box 2100 Stn. M
Calgary, AB, T2P2M5

Cancellations or changes

Online booking

Web based bookings are considered final sales and are not refundable.

Booking & Registration Client Support Bookings

We'll refund a cancelled booking when notified at least 30 days before the rental date. A $10.50 administration fee applies to all cancellations. 

Note: Rental fees are not refunded for cancelled bookings scheduled between April 1 and August 31.

A $10.50 administration fee also applies to changing a rental permit. The fee covers up to 10 changes per permit, per change submission. Submit cancellations or changes to Facility Bookings:

Personal information

We use your information only to contact you about your meeting room rental as required. The City collects personal information through the rental application process under authority of the:

  • Facility Booking Policy and Procedure
  • Facility Use Agreement
  • Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, section 33(c).