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Confederation Park Murals Public Art


The murals in the tunnels at Confederation Park are part of the Street Art Program for Youth, an annual twelve-week workshop series focused on the history, culture, tools and techniques of urban muralism and street art.

A group of youths aged 12 to 17 participated in the workshops and the murals are a result of their learning and creativity. There are two murals, created by program lead and lead artist AJA Louden and the students. The budget for this project was $60,000.

Collide the art pieceCollide
by AJA Louden is a collection of visual responses to a poem written by Calgary-based Metis poet Cobra Collins. Each ‘vignette’ is informed and inspired by responses gathered during a public reading of the work as well as reflections from the workshop participants. It can be found in the 14th Street NW tunnel in the park.

Views the art pieceViews is in the 10th Street NW tunnel and was painted freehand, it brings the natural world of Confederation Park into the tunnel to celebrate and preserve the beauty of the land we share. Hidden among the giant plant life, this mural includes imaginative elements as surprises, chosen from those suggested at community engagement sessions. This artwork encourages us to approach it from different angles and look closer to encounter strange ideas and new beauty.

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