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Tuscany LRT Community Cultural Development Public Art Project

The Tuscany LRT site was chosen for a Community Cultural Development (CCD) project because it is located within communities that are deeply invested in the development of the LRT station. As a requirement of this project, the artists engaged the community and had them take part in the design process.

fieldstation sign
The Concept of the Project

The communities of Rocky Ridge, Royal Oak, and Tuscany, who are adjacent to the new station, wanted a hands-on art experience. For this reason, the public art allotment for the station was divided for the permanent roger that public art piece located at the station and this project titled Field Station.

fieldstation participantField Station was a series of arts-based community events that were both educational and creative. It included individual and collective opportunities to celebrate the local community and explore the final destination point on the Red Line and its surrounding neighbourhoods.

In August and September of 2017, citizens were invited to explore the Tuscany, Rocky Ridge, and Royal Oak neighbourhoods through a series of artist-led experiences. The project team guided participants through a range of hands-on activities such as drawing, printmaking, and collage. The art-making activities were a way for visitors to explore, imagine, and build a connection to place. 

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The Artists

The Texas and New York-based artist team of GO collaborative and Legge Lewis Legge has been chosen for this project and $120,000 allocated for its completion. The Artists were selected using the standard seven member selection panel which consisted of three community members, three arts professionals and one City employee. The project was approved in 2013 and was completed in the winter of 2017.