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Skateboarding and skateparks

Wheeled-sports, like bike riding and skateboarding, are ‘unstructured’ recreation activities that are affordable, accessible and naturally encourage free play and physical activity. Our city has both mobile and permanent skateparks to encourage active, healthy and creative living.
Take part in our skateboarding lessons and camps. View a complete list of programs by building your own recreation guide, and learn how and when you can register for our programs.  

You can also take part in our skateboarding competitions throughout the summer at various locations.

Permanent Skateparks

Our permanent skateparks are open to a variety of wheeled-sports. This includes sports that use in-line skates, bmx, scooters and skateboards. Vehicles with motors are not permitted.
Shaw Millennium Park
Canada's largest outdoor skatepark, centrally located at 1220 9th Ave. S.W. - Open 24 hours

CKE Skatespot
This skatespot offers flow and street style skate features and is located in Chinook Park, Kelvin Grove and Eagle Ridge (or CKE) at 1015 73rd Ave. .S.W. - Open 5 a.m. - 11 p.m.


Deer Run
Primarily a street-style skatespot located at 2223 146th Ave. S.E. - Open 5 am -11 pm


Huntington Hills Skatepark
This skatepark will appeal to both bowl riders and technical street style users and is located at Centre St. & 64th Ave. N.W. - Open 5 a.m. - 11 p.m.


This is a flow-style skatespot with some transition elements. 50 Midpark Rise S.E. - Open 5 am -11 pm


New Brighton Skatepark
Street style elements and bowl encompass  approximately 9950 sq. ft of this neighborhood skatepark. Located at 130th Ave and 52nd St. S.E. - Open 5 a.m. -11 p.m


Southwood Skatepark
This community skatepark features flow and street style skating and is located at 11 Sackville Dr. S.W. - Open 5 a.m. - 11 p.m.

Community mobile skateparks

Each summer we partner with community associations to host temporary mobile skateparks throughout the city. Our mobile skateparks are open to in-line skaters and skateboarders only.

Future skatepark development

In 2018, we will be building three more skateparks (at Bowness, at the Genesis Centre and at the Shane Homes YMCA at Rocky Ridge) as part of phase one of the skateboard strategy implementation. Learn more about skatepark development.