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Crowchild Square Land Use Amendement


Crowchild Square Land Use Amendement map

In July 2016, a Land Use Amendment Application was been submitted for a site located at 5403 Crowchild Trail NW in the community of Varsity.

The Land Use Amendment Application is to redesignate the property from the current Direct Control district to a new Direct Control designation that would be based on the C-COR1 district to allow for a greater variety of commercial uses within the existing building as well as future mixed-use development with a maximum building height of 12 storeys along Crowchild Trail and a maximum density of 3.0 Floor Area Ratio. The application number is LOC2016-0195.

The Varsity Land Use Study provides the local area policy for the subject site.  All redevelopment within the Land Use Study boundary is required to meet the policies of the Land Use Study.


Any releva​nt past or future dates i.e. when the application was submitted, tentative timelines for CPC/Council, public engagement opportunities.

Date Activity
January 1​2, 2017 Open House hosted by the applicant and the Varsity Community Association

Supporting Documents


Steve Jones, Senior Planner

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