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Established Area Growth and Change Strategy


The Established Area Growth and Change Strategy (Strategy) is broadly focused on helping growth in established areas of Calgary (see map below) that is aligned with policy, supported by the market, and financially sustainable. This work also seeks to support communities and local businesses where growth and change are happening. The Strategy will do this by connecting planning, financial and investment decisions together.

Established Area Growth and Change Project Information Package​

The Established Area Growth and Change Strategy is focused on the pink area of this map.

Established areas map

The Strategy is intended to advance the vision of the Municipal Development Plan and Calgary Transportation Plan (MDP/CTP).

In developing this Strategy, and building on the New Community Growth Strategy 2018, the three factors to support decision making are:

  1. alignment with long term MDP/CTP policy
  2. meeting existing market demand, and
  3. consideration of financial impacts.

An additional consideration acknowledged in existing communities is the concept of redevelopment readiness. Growth within existing communities of the city supports efficient use of land and services and provides current and future residents with nearby amenity and employment opportunities.

This work advances the implementation of long term planning goals, by making investment recommendations in strategic, prioritized areas, reconsidering how funding and financing tools are used to support growth through redevelopment, and collaborating with communities and Industry to propose strategic planning and budget recommendations for Council’s consideration.

Current Work

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Phase 1 includes recommendations for actions to support Established Area communities where growth and change are occurring. In collaboration with stakeholders, Administration will prepare proposals that may include financial or planning tools, and/or investment in infrastructure and public realm.

The outcome of this phase will have the project team bring short term recommendations to Council by March 2020 which will then be considered by Council during budget conversations in Fall 2020. This means that if budget is required as part of the recommendations (if there are public realm and/or​ infrastructure investments recommended), Council will consider which investments they might be willing to fund in Fall 2020.​
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Phase 2 will include the implementation of the approved Phase 1 actions and the creation of a process for financially supporting redevelopment and change​ in established areas. Phase 2 is expected to consider the application of financial, policy, and planning tools that can support growth through redevelopment in a more sustainable way.

Phase 2 will start after Phase 1, however in many cases the working groups have already started Phase 2 work as they prepare a foundation for longer-term solutions to identified growth funding issues.​


  • September 24, 2018: Project Scoping Report to Priorites and Finance Committee
  • May 1, 2019: Project Update Report to Standing Policy Committee Meeting on Planning and Urban Development
  • December 2018 - Present: Multi-stakeholder working group meetings (community, businesses, development industry, administration, etc.)
  • November 2019-January 2020: Community conversations and check ins on opportunities related to potential recommendations
  • January 2020: Communicate out to stakeholders on anticipated recommendations
  • March 2020: Report to Priorities and Finance Committee (anticipated)
  • November 2020: Council mid-cycle budget discussions and decisions
  • March 2020+: Implementation of approved actions that do not require a budget decision​

Background/Council Direction

A full listing of previous Council direction can be found in Attachment 3 of the project update report​ provided to Standing Policy Committee Meeting on Planning and Urban Development on May 1, 2019.


Lesley Kalmakoff
Senior Growth Management Planner
Growth & Strategic Services
Planning & Development