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Glenmore Landing Notice of Motion

Please note: Any action on this project by The City of Calgary is currently postponed pending ongoing due diligence​ by RioCan, the shopping centre owner. As this project evolves and updates become available, they will be posted on this page. Please check back.

Please see the SW Transitway webpage for updates specific to that project.

Project background

Calgary City Council approved a Notice of Motion on February 9, 2015 directing City staff to work with the owner of the Glenmore Landing shopping centre to develop a comprehensive plan for redevelopment of the site. As part of the SW Transitway​ project, a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) station is planned for lands at 14 Street and 90 Avenue SW, adjacent to the shopping centre. A comprehensive plan for redevelopment of the site will consider:

  • ways the BRT station could be integrated into the shopping centre site;
  • the sale and potential uses of City-owned lands (between the shopping centre and 90 Avenue and 14 Street SW), including opportunities for non-market (subsidized) housing.

The Explore planning process is being applied to this project. Explore brings community associations and other stakeholders into discussions early on, to identify issues and facilitate the application process.




Glenmore Landing FAQ

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The Notice of Motion was passed February 9, 2015. It directs The City and RioCan, the owner of the Glenmore Landing shopping centre and developer, to use The City’s Explore planning approach to inform a comprehensive plan for redevelopment. The City has formed a project team to respond to this Notice of Motion.

The Notice of Motion directs The City and RioCan to look at how a Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) station can be integrated into the shopping centre with a focus on mixed-use, transit-oriented development (TOD). RioCan is looking at the possibility of redeveloping the site, which could include housing options and services.

Council also directed City staff to look at the sale of surplus City-owned lands to be included in the developer’s comprehensive plan for redevelopment, including opportunities for non-market housing. The lands are located between the shopping centre and 90 Avenue and 14 Street S.W.

RioCan is undertaking their corporate due diligence to determine whether the company proceeds with redevelopment of the site; the final decision has yet to be made.

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The City’s role in this project is to look at integration of the BRT and the comprehensive plan for redevelopment from a policy perspective. This ensures alignment with the Municipal Development Plan, Calgary Transportation Plan and other relevant Council objectives and priorities.

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At the present time the City’s project team has deferred any action on this project, due to ongoing due diligence on the part of RioCan. As this project evolves and updates become available, they will be posted on this page, including opportunities to provide feedback.

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An EXPLORE Meeting is a City-led discussion that brings stakeholders together, early in the planning process, to consider opportunities before an application is submitted.

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  • A comprehensive plan for redevelopment is a long-range plan.
  • It is not a statutory plan or bylaw.

The plan would:

  • Provide a series of guidelines for the redevelopment of the Glenmore Landing shopping centre.
  • Address how to integrate different uses into the site.
  • Align with The City’s Municipal Development Plan and Calgary Transportation Plan policies.

Through the EXPLORE process, the developer may prepare a comprehensive plan for redevelopment using advice and feedback from City staff, adjacent communities and other relevant stakeholders.

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Transit-oriented development (TOD) is a pedestrian-oriented, mixed-use form of development.
Typically, a TOD site:

  • Is within 600-metres of a transit station.
  • Mixes commercial, residential and/or office uses.
  • Focuses on creating a place where people can live, work, shop and play.
  • Is pedestrian-oriented.
  • Supports alternative travel options like cycling and transit.

These developments take advantage of investments The City has made in transit infrastructure.

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Mixed-use developments include:

  • Office and/or residential uses with ground floor commercial and retail.
  • Possible restaurants and other services on the ground floor.
  • Reduced distances between housing, workplaces and retail businesses.
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Non-market housing is long-term, stable and affordable housing provided to persons who qualify based on their household income, at rents below market levels. The Notice of Motion, approved by Calgary City Council, requires that a comprehensive plan for redevelopment include the opportunity for non-market housing within the future development.

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  • CPC is a committee appointed annually by City Council.
  • It makes recommendations to City Council on land use planning matters.
  • CPC will assess the comprehensive plan for redevelopment.
  • They forward their report on the comprehensive plan for redevelopment, along with their recommendation, to City Council.
  • Council is required to hold a public hearing before making the final decision on the plan.
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The City will continue to work collaboratively with RioCan to complete what has been directed by Council. Timing for the process is dependent on a number of factors, including RioCan’s own process, and we will continue to provide updates as they become available.

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The proposed BRT station at 14 Street S.W. and 90 Avenue S.W. will provide Calgarians with a convenient and efficient way to access the areas below without relying on a personal vehicle:

  • Glenmore Landing.
  • South Glenmore Park.
  • The Jewish Community Centre.
  • The communities of Haysboro and Palliser.

The S.W. Transitway will provide community residents with improved transit service to Downtown Calgary and major destinations. More information can be found on the S.W. Transitway webpage.

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The Southwest Transitway team is currently reviewing the potential to run new transit lanes under the intersection of 90 Avenue S.W., to minimize traffic disruptions at this intersection. A noise analysis will be done to determine if new or additional measures are needed to reduce potential noise impacts from the SW Transitway.

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The City and RioCan are exploring opportunities to address short and long-term access needs for the site. This could include an access lane into the shopping centre from 14th Street. The southbound 14th Street S.W. access was originally permitted with the initial development as a temporary roadway. It was permitted with the intention that it could be subject to future review to accommodate future transportation infrastructure.