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Calgary Approvals Coordination


Calgary Approvals Coordination (CAC) oversees the approval process and successful delivery of land development, from land-use re-designation to occupancy. CAC supports and coordinates staff from across the corporation while working closely with stakeholders to ensure Calgary is the best place to invest and build by facilitating an approvals process that offers high quality, consistent and timely decisions, proactively.

The City wants to help our customers realize development and improve Calgary’s economic stability by creating a new kind of relationship in order to better understand challenges and recognize the impact City decisions have on projects.

Approvals Continuum

Approvals Continuum
Approvals Continuum
Approvals Continuum Public Input (PDF)
Approvals Continuum Public Input

Policy - High level guidance approved by Council for making decisions

Growth Management - A system that The City uses to determine when and where future growth is to occur

Land Use - A set of rules that guides physical development

Outline Plan - Are proposed subdivision plans that show the block patterns, the hierarchy of roadways, and distribution of open space in a new area.

Subdivision - The division of one (or more) parcels into two (or more) parcels, each to be given a separate title

Infrastructure - The underlying system of works upon which development is built. I.e. roads, water and sewer lines etc

Development - the process and end product of physical construction

Building - Physical construction

Occupancy - The stage in the development process when a building can be occupied

Post Occupancy - The stage in the development process after a building has been occupied