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Calgary's Plus 15 Network

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Plus 15 Construction Alert

Plus 15 Construction Alert

Some sections currently closed for repairs


Plus 15, Locations closed

Locations closed


Locations closed

​Plus 15 Map

Print out a copy of the Calgary Plus 15 Map. It will show you how to navigate downtown through the indoor comfort of our Plus 15 network.

Plus 15 construction alerts

The following Plus 15 corridors have now been re-opened to the public:

  • From Calgary Place crossing Fifth Avenue S.W. to 333 Fifth Avenue S.W.    
  • From Arts Commons crossing First Street S.E. to Calgary Telus Conventions Centre.
  • From Chevron Plaza crossing Fourth Avenue S.W. to 444 Fifth Avenue S.W.

Minor lifecycle work will continue to the exterior of all three Plus 15 bridges but is not expected to impact public access to the interior of the bridge. Work is expected to be completed in mid-fall 2019.

Plus 15 policy update project


We’re working with Plus 15 users and other stakeholders to update the Plus 15 Policy, written in 1984. Much has changed since then, but the Plus 15s remain a vital part of moving people and goods through downtown.

In addition to the policy work, we’re developing security, management and funding strategies to support the network for years to come. For more information on this work, please visit the Plus 15 public engagement page.​

Share your thoughts

We’re updating the Plus 15 policy and want your input. Visit our Engage project site for details about the review, the process and timeline, and how you can participate.


Plus 15 contact

To report Plus 15 issues or to request more information, please submit an online service request to 311.


The Plus 15 network includes 83 bridges and nearly 16 km of sheltered pedestrian walkways.

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