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Slope stability management policy and framework

Calgary is built around two river valleys and has several hillsides that are considered unstable. The City of Calgary monitors and responds to all hillside instabilities on City property. Addressing natural slope failures in a timely manner is key to mitigating potential property damage and safeguarding the public.

Hillsides that are unstable are monitored on an ongoing basis. If a natural slope is at risk of failure and will impact City infrastructure (pathways, walkways, roads, structures, etc.) it will be assessed for repair. After public safety is secured, a geotechnical engineering consultant is hired by The City to investigate the cause of the failure and to recommend solutions for remediation.

If the slope stability concern poses an immediate danger to people or property call 911.

eService - Report a hillside stability concern 

Is your concern regarding a riverbank or floodplain? Please call 311 to report issues that may affect our waterways.

Guiding documents

 Slope Stability Management Policy

  • Background on hillside stability issues.
  • Scope of hillside/slope safety.
  • City of Calgary policy and procedure.

Slope Stability Management Framework

  • guides the assessment, evaluation, prioritization and mitigation of hillside stability concerns.