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Connected Vehicle pilot project

Connected vehicles will bring about significant transformations to our transportation system, our communities, and our economy. They have the potential to improve road safety, reduce congestion, increase mobility, protect the environment, and generate new economic opportunities.

In June 2018, Transport Canada provided funding to The City of Calgary to establish a connected vehicle pilot on 16 Avenue North.

Project Scope and background

Between 2018 and 2021, The City will be installing equipment at 12 signalized intersections along 16 Avenue North. This equipment consists of low-latency radios capable of communicating between City traffic signals and vehicles on the road that have this technology.

These radio devices will also be installed on several City emergency vehicles for testing purposes. The initial implementation will use test vehicles in early stages, and then be graduated to use in City fire trucks.

The City of Calgary envisions the 16 Avenue North implementation as a "test bed,” enabling the careful testing of many applications of this technology. Cities and educational institutions across the world are exploring this technology and developing a multitude of applications - from broadcasting safety messages, helping collision avoidance, to managing and prioritizing traffic signal operation demands.

Other early applications for this equipment will be to provide traffic signal phase and timing information to road users. This would allow the devices to tell your car when your signal is green and may also be able to estimate when it will change phases from green to yellow to red, and vice versa.

As Car manufacturers begin installing this type of equipment as a standard feature on vehicles, The City hopes to offer applications in the future that will be beneficial for motorists using these devices.


Canada's ACATS Program (Program to Advance Connectivity and Automation in the Transportation System) contributed $290,000. The City of Calgary's contribution will be through in-kind labour.