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Cycling education programs

Knowing the laws and best practices for sharing Calgary's roadways and pathways is vital for the safety and enjoyment of all road and pathway users. We also recommend taking a cycling education course to build your knowledge, skills and confidence to fully enjoy the freedom cycling can provide.

Build your cycling skills


Safer Cycling Calgary courses

The 2019 roster of CAN-BIKE cycling courses includes everything from learning how to ride a bike to honing your on-road riding ski​lls.

  • Level 1: Fundamentals of Cycling (aka Learn to Ride) - for kids age 4-13 and adults age 14+ who've never ridden a bike.
  • Level 1B: Fundamentals of Pathway Cycling - for 14+ year olds who know how to ride, to build skills and confidence.
  • Level 2: Cycling Basics - a short course for 7+ year olds no longer using training wheels. Parents encouraged to participate.
  • Level 3: Core Cycling Skills - for kids (9-15), families (adults with kids 9 and up) and adults (16+), to learn the basics of riding on residential streets.
  • Level 4: Advanced Cycling Skills - for 16+ year olds who ride on roadways, to build skills and confidence in challenging traffic situations.

Please visit Safer Cycling Calgary for course descriptions, schedules, locations and costs.

Bike Calgary commuter cycling skills

This one-day, instructor-led commuter cycling course teaches riders essential skills for safe, competent cycling on Calgary roads, from quiet residential streets to the busiest streets downtown. Instructors are nationally certified through CAN-BIKE, and offer a low student-to-instructor ratio (6:1 or less).

Visit Bike Calgary for further details and to register for a 2019 course.

Build your cycling knowledge


Information for cycling in Calgary

We recommend reviewing these pages to learn more about making Calgary roadways and pathways safe and friendly for all users.

We appreciate your comments and questions about cycling in Calgary. Use the eServices button below to contact us, or visit us on Facebook. 'Like' us to receive cycling tips, bike maps, info and news.

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Cycling education videos

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Turning on streets with bike lanes when cycling or driving

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