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Effluent metering program

In the same way a water meter measures water when it's used, an effluent meter measures the wastewater that leaves a property to return to the sewer system.

For the majority of businesses, it is assumed that 90 per cent of the water they use is returned back to the sewer system as wastewater.

However, some businesses use a large amount of water, but return much less than 90 per cent back as wastewater. For these businesses, an effluent meter may be a more accurate way of measuring wastewater return.

How to qualify for the effluent metering program

This program is for commercial (General Service) water customers who would like to implement effluent flow metering for the purpose of a partial exemption from sewer utility charges under Subsection 40 of the Wastewater Bylaw 14M2012.

To qualify for the program, commercial customers must return less than 80 per cent of their incoming water as wastewater in the sewer system. They must also use an average of 4,000 cubic metres of water per month (m3).

Data showing the actual flow ratio needs to be sent to our Industrial, Commercial and Institutional (ICI) Contract Services Coordinator. If the three criteria can be met before an application is submitted, we encourage you to contact our ICI Coordinator to discuss.

Please note: Single-family customers do not qualify for the effluent metering program.

Effluent metering program guide

The full details of the Effluent Metering Program, including the following can be found in the Effluent Metering Guide. You can also find more information by contacting 311.

  • Application process
  • Preliminary approval and meter installation plans
  • After meter installation
  • Customer and City of Calgary responsibilities
  • Meter specifications
  • Effluent Metering Program contact information