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Stormwater Pollution Prevention - Inspection resources

Here you will find resources to help you understand and make changes to your approved Erosion and Sediment Control (ESC) Plan.

You can also find guides for installation, inspection, maintenance, and removal of ESC measures. To learn more about our ESC rules, see Stormwater Pollution Prevention.

ESC Field Resources

ESC Plan Amendments

Any change to the approved ESC Plan requires that an amendment be completed and submitted to the City ESC Inspector for approval. Note that all amendments must be approved prior to field implementation.

There are two types of amendments:

  1. Major amendments that will affect the annual soil loss (RUSLEFAC calculations) and require that a Qualified Designer complete and submit the amended documents.

Example: Replacing hydromulch with a cover value of 0.01 with gravel with a cover value of 0.05.

  1. Minor amendments that do not affect soil loss (RUSLEFAC calculations) and can be completed as mark-ups of the existing drawings by a Qualified Inspector.

Example: Moving a gravel construction access from one part of a site to another. These types of amendments may be completed as mark ups on the existing drawings by site personnel.

Approval Process

Both types of amendments must be submitted electronically to your site’s City ESC Inspector unless otherwise specified.

Typical Timelines

Once received amendments are included in the general ESC Plan review queue and are subject to a 14-business day review period.