Licence and Community Standards Appeal Board

Licence and Community Standards Appeal Board

A quasi-judicial board hearing appeals on City decisions.

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The Licence and Community Standards Appeal Board (LCSAB) is a tribunal, also known as a quasi-judicial board. The Board hears appeals from citizens and businesses on certain decisions made by City Administration including about permits, licences and other orders.

Bylaw appeals

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Learn about the appeal process, access notice of appeal forms and file an appeal within the designated timelines.

New for January 2022

Pet bylaw appeals

Starting Jan. 1, 2022, the LCSAB will hear appeals of decisions made under the Responsible Pet Ownership (RPO) Bylaw.


Board members

The LCSAB is independent from The City. Its members are citizens appointed by City Council to consider appeals with subject-matter expertise and impartiality.

About the Board

City Council has established the LCSAB under the City of Calgary Bylaw 50M2011 and the authority of the Municipal Government Act. It has delegated its authority to hear appeals of certain decisions to the LCSAB so that the public benefits from independent, impartial and effective decision-making by subject-matter experts and citizen representatives.

The Licence and Community Standards Appeal Board is a tribunal, consisting of 10 citizen members appointed annually by City Council. Council designates two or more members to hear appeals of decisions made under the Responsible Pet Ownership Bylaw 47M2021. Board members are appointed for one-year terms coinciding with the calendar year.

LCSAB mandate, membership and administrative details

Board scope

The Licence and Community Standards Appeal Board hears appeals related to many matters, including:

  • Alarm Permits
  • Bicycle Couriers and related Licences
  • Business Licences
  • Combative Sports Events
  • Concert Licences
  • Dating & Escort Licences and Model Studios
  • Downtown Pushcart Vendors Licences
  • Exotic Entertainers Licence and Exotic Entertainment Agencies Licences
  • Extended Dance Events
  • Livery Vehicle, Driver and Brokerage Licences
  • Massage Licences
  • Nuisance and vicious animals
  • Orders under the Municipal Government Act
  • Orders under the Weed Control Act
  • Pet-related licences
  • Remedial Order
  • Urban livestock
  • Weed Control

Contact info

Dropbox address: Dropbox on the first floor, in the back hallway past the elevators, near the postal mailboxes.
Mailing address: City Appeal Boards
The Licence and Community Standards Appeal Board #8110
P.O. Box 2100, Station M
Calgary, Alberta T2P 2M5

Telephone: 403-268-5312

Hours of operation:

8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Monday to Friday
Closed on holidays