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Arts and Culture Microgrant

Supporting local non-profits to activate culturally vibrant neighbourhoods in Calgary.

Banner photo: Albert Woo

Learn more and apply for the 2024 Arts and Culture Microgrant!

Bring your idea for a new arts and culture experience to life! With more than $1 million in available funding, the 2024 Arts and Culture Microgrant is now accepting applications.

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2023 impact

Tall Feathers Raising and Ceremony

“People told us how they were moved on a deep level, stirring a thoughtfulness from the heart, and how their journeys were enriched by learning common values with Indigenous traditional wisdom. The raising of the large feathers gave a visceral memory of the event.” ~ organizer

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N!ght L!ght

N!ght L!ght helped to change people’s perceptions of the neighbourhood and evoked a sense of belonging and pride in local residents.” ~ organizer

“Even at night, I felt safe, and the area was much more vibrant with so many nice shops and bars than I realized.” ~ participant

Learn more about N!ght L!ght

The “Carden”

“The highlight of this project was watching the hundreds of families paint the car and contribute to this wonderful community art piece in Greenview. The Carden will have a lasting impact on our BIA and the city, helping to placemake, beautify, create a bright, safe space and bring joy to people's hearts.” ~ organizer

Mahogany CultureFest

“We brought many different global groups together to share customs they are so proud of with hopes to build stronger community respect, develop partnerships, and support each other to create a healthy, vibrant community.” ~ organizer

“Such a great event. I had no idea we had so much diversity right here in our own community!" ~ participant

2023 highlights

  • $1.03 million awarded

  • 210,455 individuals impacted

  • 2,073 creative professionals engaged

  • 634 community groups supported

  • 530 local businesses benefitted

Nearly 100 organizations were able to use funding from the Arts and Culture Microgrant in 2023 to help create more vibrant communities in Calgary.

About the 2024 microgrant

Non-profits and registered charities, including Community Associations and Business Improvement Areas, can apply for up to $30,000 in funding for new arts and culture projects, programming, temporary installations, place keeping, workshops and events that enhance cultural learning and arts appreciation. 

Activity ideas could include:

  • pop-up music events
  • cultural cooking workshop
  • drumming workshop
  • artisan markets
  • interactive artwork and installations
  • cultural festivals
  • recreational art studios
  • shared maker spaces
  • theatre production
  • light show
  • cultural film screening
  • art exhibition showcasing local artists
  • your idea here!

Apply for a microgrant

Review the microgrant guidelines before you apply.

  • Tier 1: Fully subscribed for 2024

    Applications will re-open in winter 2024/25.

    This supports smaller initiatives with up to 100 per cent of eligible expenses per applicant, up to $5,000.

    Apply a minimum of 30 days before your initiative start date. Funds are awarded on a rolling basis until all funding is allocated.

  • Tier 2: Up to $30,000

    Supports up to 50 per cent of eligible expenses per initiative.

    Apply by March 3, 2024 for initiatives taking place between June – November 2024.

    Apply by Sep. 1, 2024 for initiatives taking place between December 2024 – May 2025.

Note: Organizations that are receiving a City of Calgary Festivals and Events Subsidy are not eligible to receive an Arts and Culture Microgrant for the same initiative. 

Frequently asked questions

What is considered a new programming element added to a reoccurring initiative?

A new element of programming is something that has not been part of your initiative previously.

Examples could include but are not limited to:

  • incorporating a new art medium in an exhibition
  • showcasing diverse cultures or a new cultural community
  • establishing a new partnership with a creative professional or community/cultural organization
  • introducing a new interactive creative activity or project for participants
  • offering a new educational component to promote arts, culture, equity deserving groups and/or a commitment to Truth and Reconciliation

For specific questions about your initiative, please email

Can I receive more than one microgrant?

Applicants may be approved for only one initiative in Tier 1. You may be approved for one or more initiatives in Tier 2 based on the results from the scoring committee. 

Will my initiative be considered for funding if there is cost to attend?

While we encourage initiatives that are free to participate in, we recognize that a moderate fee to help offset expenses is appropriate in some cases. Reduced fees or a ‘pay what you can’ model for attendees are examples of how you can make your initiative more accessible for people.   

Can I use the grant funding to create artwork or an art installation in a community?

The Arts and Culture Microgrant funding can be used to create community art and art installations that are expected to be displayed for 3 – 5 years. Projects require a maintenance plan that identifies the location of the art, length of time it will be displayed, who is responsible for the maintenance, what happens when the art needs to be taken down and a few other details. Please email for more information.

If you are an artist with a project idea, you may collaborate with an eligible organization to apply for funding. Alternatively, artist microgrants are also available through Calgary Arts Development

How much should I pay an artist who will be hired for my initiative?

The City of Calgary Arts and Culture Microgrant supports the CARFAC-RAAV Minimum Recommended Fee Schedule which provides guidelines on the minimum recommended rates for the use of artwork and certain services that visual artists provide.

Do you have questions about the Microgrant?