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City Auditor's Office audits

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Risk-based approach

The City Auditor’s Office (CAO) audit process continues to utilize a risk-based approach throughout the three phases of the audit: planning, fieldwork, and reporting. In particular, the planning phase includes a detailed risk identification and assessment phase. The purpose of this phase is to identify the most significant risks within the area and focus the allocated audit resources on those areas. The result is an audit project that focuses on the most significant risks that could impact the achievement of City objectives.

Audit process

City Auditor's Office audit process
  1. Planning - The project plan outlines the audit objective, key risks, timelines and audit approach.
  2. Fieldwork - Formal audit procedures are completed according to IIA standards.
  3. Reporting - Final report is presented to the Audit Committee and released to the public.
  4. Client Feedback - We utilize feedback to identify improvement opportunities in audit services delivery.
  5. Follow-up - Actions on recommendations are monitored and reported quarterly to the Audit Committee.

Results reporting

The CAO reports the results of all audits in public reports to Council through the Audit Committee. We monitor the progress of action plans implemented to address our audit recommendations and report to Audit Committee on the completeness and timeliness of implementation.​​

Audit reports

2020 Audit reports

Assessment Complaints Audit, AC2020-1170
Cover Report  - Audit Report  - Presentation slide

Corporate Credit Card Continuous Auditing, AC2020-1283 
Cover Report  - Audit Report  - Presentation slide

Council Expense Audit - C2020-0658
Cover Report - Audit Report

Opportunity Calgary Investment Fund Administration Audit, AC2020-0764
Cover Report - Audit Report - Presentation slides

Calgary Fire - Inspections Audit, AC2020-0621
Cover Report - Audit Report - Presentation slides

Roads Pothole Remediation Audit, AC2020-0408
Cover Report - Audit Report

Data Analytics Program Update, AC2020-0622
Report - Attachment

2017 Municipal Election Follow-up Audit, AC2020-0196​:
Cover Report - Audit Report​​​​​​​

Corporate Issue Management Program Audit, AC2020-0297:
Cover Report - Audit Report​​

Operating Budget Management Audit, AC2020-0343:
Cover Report - Audit Report​​

2019 Audit reports

Annual Control Environment Assessment Audit AC2019-0214:
Cover Report - Audit Report​​

Calgary Community Standards - Livery Transport Services Audit AC2019-0278:
Cover Report - Audit Report​

Calgary Parking Authority Asset Management Processes Audit AC2019-0010:
Cover Report - Audit Report

Data Analytics Desktop Review Program AC2019-1242:
Cover Report​​

Emergency Management Audit, AC2019-0678:
Cover Report - Audit Report​

Green Line Project Governance Audit AC2019-0353:
Cover Report - Audit Report​

Off-site Levy Annual Reporting Audit AC2019-124​1:
Cover Report - Audit Report

Planni​ng Application Review and Approval Process Audit AC2019-0466​:
Cover Report​ - Audit Report​

Report on Revised Annual Audit Plan Approach, AC2019-0899:
Cover Report - Audit Report

Supply Management Warehouse and Inventory Audit, AC2019-1027:
Cover Report - Audit Report​

Waste and Recycling – Blue Cart Contamination Prevention Audit AC2019-1240:
Cover Report - Audit Report​​


2018 Audit reports

2017 Municipal Election Review AC2018-0852:
Cover Report - Audit Report

Bonnybrook Plant D Expansion Audit AC2018-1346:
Cover Report​ - Audit Report

Cash Flow Management Audit AC2018-0343:
Cover Report - Audit Report

Corporate Credit Card (Data Analytics) Audit AC2018-0035:
Cover Report - Audit Report

Cyber Security Incident Response Audit AC2018-0410:
Cover Report - Audit Report (confidential - in camera)

Employee Expense Audit AC2018-0756:
Cover Report - Audit Report

Green Line Engagement Audit AC2018-0088:
Cover Report - Audit Report

New Central Library Readiness Audit AC2018-0034:
Cover Report - Audit Report

Open Data Initiative Audit AC2018-1008:
Cover Report - Audit Report

Plebiscite Readiness Review AC2018-1247:
Cover Report

Procurement Follow-up Audit AC2018-0413:
Cover Report - Audit Report

Real Estate Acquisitions Audit (Green Line LRT Stage 1) AC2018-1032:
Cover Report​ - Audit Report