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The Safe and Inclusive Access Bylaw was passed by Council on March 14, 2023 and sets out geographical "access zones" to strike a balance between respecting the right to protest and providing safe and inclusive access to public services.

Why was this bylaw created?

The City is committed to ensuring that all Calgarians who wish to access public services and facilities are not being exposed to messaging or behaviour that is hateful, intimidates, harasses, or discriminates.

Safe and inclusive access to public services is important to ensure all Calgarians can equally enjoy the benefits and resources offered at or through public facilities, regardless of gender, socio-economic status, age, ability, religion, race, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression or heritage.  Inclusive public spaces that support diversity, attract business, contribute to a thriving economy and to a prosperous city.

What types of protests are not allowed within 100 metres of an entrance to a recreation facility or library?

Specified protests are those objecting to an idea or action related to human rights; these include race, religious beliefs, colour, gender, gender identity, gender expression, physical disability, mental disability, age, ancestry, place of origin, marital status, source of income, family status or sexual orientation.

All individuals must abide by the bylaw.

While these demonstrations are still permitted, they must not be within 100 metres of an entrance to the recreation facility or library, or block access for others to enter or exit a recreation facility or library.

Where and when are these protests not allowed?

Specified protests are not allowed inside a City-operated recreation facility (or other designated facility) or within 100 metres of an entrance to a City-operated recreation facility (or other designated facility), or library.

This applies during the facility’s operational hours and one hour before and after.

Other bylaws and enforcement

With our partners at Calgary Police Service, we will continue to ensure harassment of others, or violations of excessive noise or other Bylaw offences, are monitored, investigated and enforced. This can include us enforcing at the time of an offence, during an event, or in many cases, after the fact.

Street harassment can be reported at any time by calling 311 or creating a 311 service request online. If you feel immediately threatened or in the event of an emergency, speak to a uniformed officer or call 911. More information on what The City is doing to prevent harassment is available at