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Compensation disclosure list

The City of Calgary’s compensation disclosure list is a tool to help us be transparent and accountable to citizens. It offers a balance between providing citizens with information on our employee compensation, while respecting the privacy of our employees.

The annual compensation disclosure list includes position titles, salary ranges and general information about pensions and benefits. The City does not have an annual salary threshold for its list. 

The data is also available in a number of searchable formats in the City of Calgary Open Data Catalogue.

Do you have questions about the Compensation Disclosure List? View our frequently asked questions.​

Employee salaries

The City provides fair and competitive salaries to employees while maintaining our responsibility as a steward of public dollars. To illustrate what employees earn within the position salary ranges disclosed in the compensation disclosure list, the following graph shows the distribution of actual base salaries of City employees.

Employee actual base salaries

 Full-time Part-time. Number of employees = 13,121


  1. Actual base salaries of employees in positions reported in the compensation disclosure list.
  2. Part-time is defined as working less than the standard working hours as outlined in the applicable collective agreement or policy (e.g. employee works 30 hours per week in a 35-hour standard work week position).

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