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Managing our workforce to ensure service value for Calgarians

Managing our workforce

Managing our workforce to ensure service value for Calgarians

The City of Calgary has been responsive to Council's direction to carefully balance our employee headcount during the economic downturn to ensure citizens continue to receive excellent service value. As of September 30, 2020, the number of people who worked at The City (full-time employees and temporary staff) is fewer the number of employees we had in 2013.

Calgary’s population has continued to grow over the years – we’ve added a population that’s about the size of Red Deer and Lethbridge combined in the last 10 years alone. Growth in population in any city worldwide means more citizens and more demand for municipal services. Despite Calgary’s population growth and the resulting increased demand in services, we had one City employee for every 96 Calgarians in 2019, compared to one city employee for every 90 citizens in 2010.