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How our property tax and utility charges measures up nationally

Property tax and utility charges


The City of Calgary has some of the lowest property tax and utility rates of major cities within Canada.

We’ve achieved this by carefully managing our budget, continuing to find savings and efficiencies in our operations, and reinvesting in Calgary’s economic growth. ​

combined average property tax and utility charges 

*Utility numbers were collected or calculated under these assumptions.

  • “Typical” month consisting of 30 days
  • 600 KW/H usage of electricity
  • 19 cubic meters of water and 17.5 cubic meters of wastewater treatment
  • Other charges on a per-residential dwelling – recycling fee, garbage disposal, and other

The City’s Residential Property Taxes and Utility Charges Survey is conducted annually with participation from several municipalities across Canada. The survey is released each winter using survey submissions, audited financial statements, annual budgets and property tax bylaws to obtain missing information.