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Financial task force

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Financial Task ForceThe City of Calgary’s Financial Task Force

The City of Calgary is extending an invitation for members of the public to submit an expression of interest, by August 16, to become a member of The City of Calgary’s Financial Task Force. 

The City is eager to find up to 12 qualified citizens interested and willing to volunteer their time to explore and develop innovative solutions to address the complex issues associated with the economic challenges currently facing our City.

Council has identified the need for a Financial Task Force lead by The City’s Chief Financial Officer as Chair and a panel of external members with expertise in varied areas to contribute their knowledge and creative problem-solving capabilities to assist The City in identifying and assessing innovative solutions for short term economic mitigation, long term economic recovery solutions, and revenue options to improve financial resiliency for The City.

Desired skill sets of external experts

  • Economic
  • Policy formulation
  • Accounting and finance
  • Tax/Fiscal policy
  • Intergovernmental
  • Private sector incentives
  • Strategy\Policy
  • Business valuation
  • Property valuation
  • Property assessment

Commitment required

It is anticipated that the Financial Task Force will meet along the following schedule (exact dates and times to be set out upon formation of the Task Force):

  • Deadline for applications – August 16th
  • Interviews – First week of September
  • First meeting date – TBC second week of September
  • September
    Full day mandatory orientation session to gain an understanding of the challenges facing Calgary, the issues that we will consider and the work that has been completed to date
    2 additional half day meetings
  • October
    2 half day meetings
  • November
    2 half day meetings
  • December and afterwards
    As needed

Topics to be discussed

We anticipate that some of the key topics to be discussed are as follows:

The Financial Task Force will discuss important topics that will support all Calgarians including expansion of the revenue base and revenue options, identification of incentives for a burgeoning private sector, and working with the Priorities and Finance Committee working group on distribution of tax responsibilities among taxpayer groups.


Expression of interest due August 16, 2019

Citizens with strong experience in the above areas are invited to submit an expression of interest letter that:

  • Outlines your professional experience and credentials
  • Provide a summary of why you are interested in joining the task force and how your experiences may be beneficial to the group
  • Preliminary ideas that could be explored to assist in addressing the economic challenges currently facing The City

The balance of external members will be selected based on an application process in accordance with a skills matrix on the Terms of Reference (included in Attachment 1​). If you are interested please submit your expression of interest letter by end of day August 16 to