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Business Tax Instalment Payment Plan (BTIPP)

The Business Tax Instalment Payment Plan (BTIPP) is a program that allows you to pay your Business Improvement Area (BIA) tax on a monthly basis instead of a single annual payment. Your payment automatically comes out of your chequing account the first day of every month, making budgeting easier and avoiding the risk of a 7% late payment penalty.

Overview - Find out more about BTIPP and how it works.

​​Join BTIPP

  1. Request an agreement - Find out how to join the program and request a customized BTIPP agreement.
  2. Return your completed agreement - Return your completed BTIPP agreement using our secure online page.
  3. Make an initial payment – If an initial payment is needed, it cannot be made by BTIPP automatic withdrawal from your chequing account. Use one of the other BIA tax payment options.

What else should I know about BTIPP?

Change banks or bank accounts - Change banking information for your BTIPP payments using our secure online form.

Move, close or sell a business – What to do when moving, closing or selling a business on BTIPP.

Cancel BTIPP - Cancel your participation in BTIPP using our secure online form.

Non-payment and service charges – Miss a BTIPP payment or have a dishonoured BTIPP payment?

Supplementary BIA tax bills – When supplementary BIA tax bills are sent and how it affects the monthly BTIPP instalment.

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