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Property tax: school support - provincial education property tax

School support status

All property owners pay provincial education property tax including people who don’t have children or don’t have children in school. While The City of Calgary is required by legislation to collect provincial property tax on behalf of the Alberta government, the municipality has no jurisdiction over school board budgets or operations.

School support status is shown on your property assessment notice.

A School Support Notice is automatically mailed to the property owner when a change is registered at Land Titles (i.e. purchase, marriage, divorce, death, legal name change, adding or deleting an owner).​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Property owners can update their School Support Notice at any time.
School support changes take effect the next calendar year.
Update School Support

Seniors and provincial education property tax

All Alberta property owners, including seniors, pay provincial education property tax. For information on seniors' programs, such as the Seniors Property Tax Deferral Program, contact the Government of Alberta at 310-0000.


Separate schools and provincial education property tax

If you are of the same religion as the separate school district in your area, you must direct your provincial education property tax to the separate school board. In Calgary, Roman Catholic property owners must declare their faith as Roman Catholic in order for their provincial education property tax to be directed to the Calgary Roman Catholic Separate School Division No. 1.


Private schools and provincial education property tax

Provincial education property tax cannot be directed to a private school. By provincial law, money collected through provincial education property tax must only be used to fund the public education system (including public schools and separate schools). Private school funding comes from three sources: provincial general revenues, tuition or instruction fees paid by parents, and private fundraising.

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