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Working Better with Partners to Achieve Progress

Financial Task Force Recommendations Focus 8: Working Better with Partners in Achieving Progress

Engagement and advocacy with other orders of government for better fiscal tools

The external Financial Task Force members made 12 recommendations whose successful implementation depends on support from other orders of government, ranging from legislative or regulatory change to improved coordination and communication.  Intergovernmental and Corporate Strategy has developed a comprehensive plan to engage other orders of government for change.  Engagement on advocacy ready items has begun to:

  • Improve reliance on non-property tax revenue and reduce the shortcomings of over-reliance on property tax.

  • Consider differentiated taxation for businesses and organizations that make significant contributions to the fabric of the city.

  • Work with the province to allow legislator’s intent on the definitions for non-residential subclasses.

  • Collaborate with the province to authorize tools that address service costs that arise from provincial government direction or changes.

Engagement Plan

The engagement plan will use several strategies based on past advocacy experience with the same or similar issues, the current intergovernmental context, and anticipated risks and opportunities, including:

  • Aligning Financial Task Force recommendations with the Government of Alberta’s existing legislative priorities and engagement opportunities, including the ongoing Red Tape Review process.=

  • Enlisting Financial Task Force and other partner voices in a campaign for change, including public messaging.

  • Engaging the Government of Canada in a tri-lateral conversation about municipal finance reform.

  • Leveraging opportunities for the Mayor and Members of Council to share the aims of fiscal reform with local Members of the Legislative Assembly and Members of Parliament.

Engagement Activities

Engagement activities will proceed through the fall and return to Intergovernmental Affairs Committee with an update and discussion of the next steps in 2021 December. For Calgarians, this plan represents an opportunity to support Calgary’s economic recovery and financial resiliency with innovative solutions recommended by an expert panel. Successful reform of the fiscal framework through advocacy should have positive long-term implications for The City to finance its social and environmental obligations and priorities