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Mobile Devices

The City is increasingly relying on mobile devices to efficiently enable and deliver services. We have a workforce that is highly mobile and often 24/7 just by the nature of our many businesses: fire, snow clearing, traffic and transit operations, media relations, water services, bylaw enforcement and parks maintenance. 
Mobile technology enables our field and other staff to respond to citizen inquiries more quickly via email and phone, or complete work requests while also providing an increased level of safety. Mobility is a required business function. We know the use of mobile devices in our business operations to continually increase in the years ahead.
Wireless service:
Wireless technology evolves at lightning speed. Device life expectancy is low as new devices and networks continually become faster and more capable. As this hardware and infrastructure grows and improves, more business services become available over mobile devices.
The City’s focus when negotiating wireless contracts with telecommunications companies is to reduce costs, reduce administration overhead, improve our rate plans with price capping, plan for equipment life cycle replacement and technology changes that we know are coming. The rate plans need to be constructed and customized to be as cost effective as possible for all City operations regardless of usage and device type. The City reviews technology roadmaps and monitors industry trends. The City also looks at third party benchmarks to compare our wireless costs. This benchmark routinely shows our costs are very favourable when compared to our peers in industry.
Acceptable Use/Personal Use:
Appropriate use of mobile devices is outlined in the City’s Code of Conduct under the Acceptable Use of City Technology Resources policy. Some allowance is given for personal use, but it has to be reasonable. The fact is, most people have their own mobile devices – and those too need to be managed responsibly during work hours. Each Business Unit is responsible to establish guidelines for use of wireless devices based on their operational needs.
In 2017 our total wireless device cost was approximately $4.9 million dollars. The cost per device is outlined below:


​Device ​# Devices ​Annual cost
​Cell phone 820 ​$175,000
​Smartphone ​5800 ​$3,200,000
Tablet 2700 ​$250,000
​Air card & modem 5900 ​$750,000
​Push-to-Talk ​1300 ​$513,000
​Totals ​16520 $4,888,000