Acceptable Use of Technology Resources Policy

Acceptable Use

of City Technology Resources Policy

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About the policy

What kind of technology do you use in your role at The City? Are you using email, the Internet, smartphones, computers or printers? Increasingly, we need technology to communicate with each other, Calgarians and customers.  It can be an essential tool to deliver exceptional public service.

As part of our commitment to protect The City’s reputation and responsible use of taxpayer dollars, technology should be used for its intended purpose - that is where the Acceptable Use of City Technology Resources Policy guides us.

This policy benefits you, Calgarians and The City by:

  • Setting the standard for acceptable technology resource use for employees; ensuring we’re all playing by the same rules.
  • Safeguarding City assets, data and information from abuses and threats.
  • Protecting both The City and employees by providing a standard by which questions of acceptable technology resource use can be gauged.
  • Promoting the safe and responsible use of technology resources in a way that uses taxpayer dollars responsibly and protects The City’s reputation.

The policy applies to you if you are a(n):

  • City of Calgary employee
  • Vendor
  • Consultant
  • City volunteer
  • Temporary or seasonal worker
  • City contractor
  • Individual with authorized access to The City's technology resources

What is considered City technology?

Below are examples of each technology category.

Desktop, portable, and wireless computers and attachments

  • Desktops
  • Laptops
  • Computer kiosks
  • Desk phones
  • Printers
  • Scanners
  • External and remote storage systems

Mobile technology

  • Notebook computers, laptops, tablets
  • Cell phones and smartphones (e.g. BlackBerry and iPhone)
  • Air cards
  • Push to talk radios
  • Modems

Internet and electronic communication services

  • Email
  • Instant Messenger (including Lync)
  • Voice mail
  • Long distance and roaming
  • Voice / text / data

Data, information and other work products created or maintained using City-owned

  • Computer programs
  • Databases
  • Spreadsheets

Network infrastructure

  • Switches
  • Fiber optic cables
  • Wireless networks
  • Wi-Fi access points

Business systems

  • Office productivity systems (Word, Outlook, Excel, etc.)
  • Utility (computer hardware, operating system or application software)
  • All other City administrative systems
  • Related server and storage infrastructure

Consumable goods used in operation with any City resource

  • DVDs, CDs
  • Tape media
  • Paper
  • USB memory sticks

Policy download

Download the full policy.

Frequently asked questions

Can I use City technology, like a computer, mobile or desktop phone to do a personal task?

Yes, occasional or incidental use of The City’s technology resources for personal reasons is allowed for tasks that are lawful, ethical and consistent with other City policies. Your use of The City’s technology resources should not affect your performance, abuse your work time or cause additional costs to The City.

Can I use City technology for my volunteer activities such as supporting my community association?

Maybe. The City encourages all employees to deepen their knowledge of, and commitment to, public service and that may involve volunteer work. If you have been given City technology as part of your job here at The City, and want to use it to support your volunteer role, you need supervisor approval within your business unit before you start using it outside of work.

Can I visit websites that interest me while on my lunch break? Will The City know which websites I have visited?

You are allowed to use The City's internet service as long as the websites you are visiting align with The City’s Respectful Workplace guidelines. The City monitors and logs all Internet usage so you cannot expect privacy when using City technology.

Can I install a free app to my City issued phone or tablet?

Yes and no. Apps today are complex. Some could track your City contact information, passwords and more. Some could bury their true intent in the listed permissions or use confusing language while their true intent may be to harvest data and sell this to willing purchasers. City staff can install apps on their City-issued smartphones and tablets provided this does not incur a cost to The City and are obtained from a reputable source (i.e. Blackberry World or Apple App Store).

Examples of appropriate business apps include news apps like Calgary Herald or appropriate social media apps like Facebook and Twitter. Example of what not to download is Outlook for iPhones which stores your city credentials on an external server. While many apps are harmless, you are advised to play it safe with a City issued phone or tablet when deciding what to install on your mobile device.

Can I go to game websites on my work breaks?

Yes. Visiting game or fun websites that are not blocked by The City is acceptable under the policy. Requests to unblock such sites will be denied unless there is a business requirement for doing so. If you are not certain, check with your supervisor.

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