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Ward 7 - Druh Farrell

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Vision. Mission. Values.

Vision. Mission. Values.

The vision, mission, and values which inspire Ward 7 Councillor Druh Farrell


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Notices of Motion

Notices of motion from Druh Farrell

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Title: Ward 7 - Druh Farrell
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Title: Crowchild Trail

Description: <div class="ExternalClass7AA4574DDCC24A96A529677DF6FD6232"><p>The Crowchild Trail plan includes short, medium, and long term improvements.</p></div>

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Crowchild Trail

The Crowchild Trail plan includes short, medium, and long term improvements.

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Green Line LRT

When completed, the Green Line will deliver rapid transit from 160 Ave. N. to Seton in the southeast, servicing several Ward 7 communities along the way.​

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In June 2013, several Ward 7 communities experienced significant personal and property damage from flooding. The City of Calgary has made flood mitigation a top infrastructure priority.​

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