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Ward 10 - Andre Chabot

About Councillor Andre Chabot

Ward 10 Andre Chabot

My family chose to move to Calgary when I was a young man. It was a move that soon afforded me the opportunity to become a voice for the community in which we lived and I received much joy in being that voice.

Working here and getting to know the diversity of our neighbours; playing hockey against strong and worthy opponents; all developed my growing belief that I was destined to help my fellow residents as my own family was growing.

It was a great honour for me to be elected as Director and President of the Board for Deepak Obhrai in 1998. We worked well together and he challenged me to test boundaries and overcome obstacles as we forged ahead with common humanitarian goals.

That sense of breaking the glass ceiling has been with me throughout my service to the people especially when I served on the Marlborough Park Community Association Board; and when I was first elected as city Alderman in 2005.

Connecting with the good people of this community is the focus of my daily attention and addressing the need to overcome social injustice are critical goals of mine. Through the development of local recreational facilities and focusing on the delivery of improvements to the area while protecting the environment creates mutual understanding and a bedrock for success.

Community association members and the residents know that as their representative, I will ensure that Ward 10 continues to forge ahead and I will endeavour to mold strong foundations for the people and stand up for their rights.

I will continue the work of those who believe in the defense of human rights and I have the courage to take a stand when those rights are in jeopardy. 

I will work hard to maintain and build the trust and the respect of the residents of Ward 10 and the City of Calgary.



Infrastructure and Planning Committee

Council Services Committee, Chair

Intergovernmental Affairs Committee

Chestermere & Calgary Intermunicipal Committee

Event Centre Committee


Past Boards and Committees include:  

  • Community President for Marlborough Park Community Association: 2010 - 2021
  • Federal Calgary - East Board President
  • GlobalFest Board

Past City of Calgary Council Boards and Committees include: 

  • Standing Policy Committee on Planning and Urban Development, Chair  
  • Standing Policy Committee on Transportation and Transit
  • Standing Policy Committee of Community & Protective Services, Vice-Chair  
  • Priorities and Finance Committee; Legislative Government Task Force 
  • IMC Chestermere, Co-Chair
  • Intergovernmental Affairs Committee, Vice Chair  
  • Infrastructure and Planning Committee
  • NextCity Advisory Committee
  • Nominations Committee
  • Calgary Economic Development Board
  • Stampede Board
  • Subdivision & Development Appeal Board
  • Gas, Power & Telecommunications Committee, Chair

Past Representative on the following Alberta Urban Municipalities Association (AUMA) committees: 

  • Sustainability & Environment Infrastructure and Energy Committee  
  • Beverage Container Management Board (BCMB) and the Return Rate Committee of BCMB 
  • Transmission Facilities Cost Monitoring Committee (TFCMC)