Alert | Mandatory outdoor water restrictions in effect - critical water main break affecting city-wide usage

City-wide indoor and outdoor water restrictions are in place. A fire ban is in effect. The boil water advisory has been lifted.

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Community Associations vs. Residents’ Associations (HOAs)

Ward 12 has great community associations to serve our area. These are:

McKenzie Towne Community Association
New Brighton Community Association
Copperfield & Mahogany Community Association
Auburn Bay Community Association
Cranston Community Association
Shepard Community Hall
Mahogany Community Association (still in early stages of initiation)

Our Ward also has Residents Associations, also known as Homeowner Associations, in many of our neighbourhoods including:

McKenzie Towne Council 
New Brighton Residents Association 
Mahogany Homeowners Association 
Auburn Bay Residents Association
Hotchkiss Owners Association 
Rangeview Homeowners Association
Seton Homeowners Association
Cranston Residents Association

So, what’s the difference?

Community Associations connect with the City and other levels of government, often having representatives at their meetings. If you are looking for a new crosswalk or concerned about your snow clearing, your local CA is an excellent place to connect with others, discuss your concerns, and get them to our office. Community Associations also work hard to provide fun events and other reasons for the community to gather. Their annual memberships are non-mandatory, but very much needed.

Residence Associations (or HOAs) are focused on a neighbourhood’s amenities that are NOT under the City’s purview (think: gated amenities with limited access), and will often enter agreements with the City to help maintain some commonly used areas. They will also often provide events to their community. Their fees are mandatory and are not managed in any way by the City.

Often, these two groups will work together to accomplish great things for a community and will run almost seamlessly along with each other. A lot of people don’t know their community has both!
Both CA boards and RA boards rely heavily on volunteers from the community. If you have a few hours each month to spare, joining one of these boards would be a huge asset to your community. Meet people who live close by while making your community a better place to live.

Show your support for your local CA and all the work they do by purchasing your membership annually and coming out to their events!