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May 2013 Newsletter


Greetings Ward 14!

I'm sure we're all hoping that May will kick off the warmer months of the year. I will be heading south this month, but not to escape the cold. Chaparral is one of Ward 14's most southern communities, and that is where I will be for the May edition of Aldertalk. St. Sebastian School (65 Chaparral Drive SE) is where, and May 25th between noon and 2pm is when.

The Lake Fraser Gate Pilot project had such a tremendous impact on morning traffic in Ward 14 that it is worth mentioning again. Restricting the southbound left turn on Macleod Trail to Lake Fraser Gate during the morning rush hour has significantly improved travel times going northbound on Macleod Trail. During the pilot project, 2400 comments were gathered. All but 21 were in favour of the changes.

On April 17th, City administration will have recommended to the Standing Policy Committee on Transportation and Transit that the pilot be implemented permanently. I hope that the Committee will adopt administration's view to bring to Council, because from my observations the vast majority of Ward 14 residents are in favour of the change. Since this column is submitted before April 17th, I do not yet know what the recommendation will be, but will make sure to keep you updated on the outcome.

After months of putting Snow and Ice Control material on the roads, it is now time to clean it up. The Spring Clean-up Program is expected to pick up enough debris to cover the field at McMahon Stadium with a pile 12 feet deep (making for low scoring football games, I would imagine)! To find out when sweeping is scheduled for your community, watch for signs in your area, visit calgary.ca/sweep or contact 311. I can tell you that street sweeping in Ward 14 will go from around the week of April 29th to the week of June 10th.

On the topic of cleaning, the 2012 Annual Pathway and River Cleanup saw the collection of over 12,500 lbs of waste. This year it will take place May 5th from 10am to 1pm. The deadline to register is past, but there is no reason why one couldn't head to a pathway or riverbank and help out on May 5th, or any other day for that matter. Calgary is blessed with beautiful rivers. It is important that we all help to keep it that way.

Please feel to contact me at any time by phone at 403-268-1653, by email at eaward14@calgary.ca, or by going to the contact me section. Have a warm, happy month of May, and don't forget to give your mother a hug on the 12th.​

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