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Ward 14 - Peter Demong

June 2024 Newsletter

Greetings Ward 14!

The days are as long as they can be. There is lots of time to go outside and enjoy this beautiful city. To start off this month I will show you some tips on gardening, and water usage…

Be YardSmart this spring

Even after the recent rain, we still need to be vigilant about sustaining our water resources.  We can all do our part in our yards by using water wisely. The City has a variety of YardSmart online resources and practical advice to help you establish and maintain a yard and garden that help you use less water.  

Here are some YardSmart water conservation tips:

  • Mow less often to keep your grass five to seven centimetres high to shade the soil.
  • Avoid watering when it has rained or if there is rain in the forecast and use a rain barrel to capture and reuse rainwater in your yard. 
  • Only give plants the water they need.
  • Consider replacing portions of your lawn with garden features that use less water and help absorb rainwater such as rock gardens, low water-use shrubs, or groundcover.  
  • Add rich soil and mulch to reduce evaporation from your soil. 

The YardSmart native wildflower plant list is a great resource for those who want to expand their yards this year. These beautiful, low-maintenance plants are well-suited to Calgary’s current growing conditions and attract local pollinators. Drought conditions are likely to persist in the coming years. Creating a yard that’s fit for Calgary’s climate will help it fare better during future droughts.  

Visit for more information on how you can do your part to conserve water in your yard and garden. Together we can make every drop count.  

Property tax and TIPP

Your property tax must be paid by Friday, June 28 to avoid late payment penalties. The City’s Tax Instalment Payment Plan (TIPP) is the most popular payment method. You pay the same amount as your annual property tax bill, but instead of one large lump sum payment in June, you pay smaller monthly instalments.

This makes budgeting easier, and you reduce the risk of late payment penalties. Signing up for TIPP is easy and you don’t need to re-apply each year. There is no filing fee or initial payment required.

The easiest and fastest way to join TIPP is using TIPP Online. It’s easy, safe and secure. Through TIPP online, your customized agreement will be processed automatically. Once you submit, you will receive an email confirming your enrolment. To access TIPP Online, go to and click on the Join TIPP box.

You can also request a TIPP agreement by calling 311. If calling from outside Calgary dial 403-268-2489.

Plan enrolment must be completed by the due date shown on your tax bill to avoid a late payment penalty.

If you’re already on TIPP, you can visit to learn how your monthly TIPP instalments are calculated and adjusted.

Celebrate Neighbour Day 2024

Celebrate Neighbour Day in your community on Saturday, June 15! Get involved in this year’s event by gathering with your neighbours for a block party or community event. In addition to the many neighbourhood events that will be happening across the city on June 15, Calgary Public Library is hosting Indigenous programming at select locations, while Sport Calgary’s All Sport One Day will offer children a free opportunity to try out a new sport.

Neighbour Day is our city’s annual celebration of community connection. Held on the third Saturday in June, Neighbour Day is a step toward creating welcoming and inclusive communities where neighbours connect and belong every day of the year. Good things happen when you get to know your neighbours. Social connection with neighbours reduces loneliness and isolation and builds strong communities where people feel they belong.  

If you’re participating in Neighbour Day on June 15, show us how you celebrated! Post your event photos to social media with the hashtag #YYCNeighbourDay. 

Visit to learn more.  

Have your say on Calgary’s Canada Day celebrations

Every year on July 1, Calgarians and visitors gather downtown for Canada Day. This City of Calgary event is free and family-friendly, featuring Indigenous and cultural performances, live music, activities, art and more.

Canada Day is for everyone. It’s a time to honour the rich traditions of Indigenous history and culture and welcome those who move here from all over the world. We can all be proud to live in a great city and country where people from all walks of life come together on Canada Day to celebrate culture and community.

We want Canada Day celebrations to reflect the many different interests and backgrounds of Calgarians. Whether you attend often or haven’t attended for a while, this is your opportunity to tell us what’s important to you on Canada Day and what an ideal downtown event looks like.

Have your say today at The deadline to provide your input is July 4, 2024. Feedback collected will be used to shape future Canada Day celebrations in Calgary.

Tune in to the new City of Calgary podcast

Calgary is one of the most livable cities on the planet. As one of Canada's fastest-growing cities, we're building to meet the needs of our expanding population, striving to create a vibrant, affordable place for soon-to-be two million residents.

There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes to make this happen. That’s why The City of Calgary is introducing a new podcast called Calgary Conversations, an insider pass to the heart of Calgary’s City Hall.

In each monthly episode, we peel back the layers of our vibrant community, shedding light on the priority areas that shape our city's future. From public safety to housing, downtown revitalization, and beyond, we're here to uncover the stories that matter most to you.

Join us as we embark on a journey of discovery, exploring the narratives that weave the fabric of our city. Through engaging interviews with City staff and partners, in-depth analysis, and compelling storytelling, Calgary Conversations offers a fresh perspective on the issues that impact us all.

We're not just here to talk; we're here to connect, educate, and empower you with the knowledge to make a difference in your community.

Tune in, subscribe, and join the conversation. Because in Calgary, every voice matters. Let's write the next chapter together. #CalgaryConversations

Listen at or on Spotify, Apple podcasts, Amazon podcasts and YouTube.

Enjoy off-leash dog parks safely this summer

Calgary is a haven for dog lovers, with numerous off-leash dog parks across the city. As summer approaches, many pet owners are eager to enjoy the warm weather and spend quality time with their furry friends. However, it is crucial to ensure that off-leash interactions are safe and enjoyable for everyone. Here are some steps you can take:

Make sure your licence is up to date

Make sure that your dog is wearing its licence tag and that the licence is up to date: if your dog becomes lost, its licence is its ticket home. The risk for having an unlicensed dog is a $250 fine. 

Know your dog

Some off-leash parks have fenced areas where owners can schedule a play date or use them if their pet isn’t quite up to speed on their recall skills. This still allows their pet to get exercise and have some fun off-leash.

Supervision and control

Keep a close eye on your dog. Stay within a reasonable distance and keep control over their actions. One of the best ways to safeguard for a stress free outing is to ensure your dog has strong recall skills. 

Bring essential supplies

Carry essential supplies such as water, waste bags, and toys for your dog. Clean up after your pet to keep cleanliness and hygiene in the park.

Calgary's off-leash dog parks provide a fantastic opportunity for dogs to socialize, exercise, and have fun during the summer months. To license your dog before you head out to the park, visit:


Feel free to contact me any time. The best way to contact me is by visiting or calling (403) 268-1653.


Councillor Peter Demong

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