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Ward 7 - Terry Wong

Update on HATF Feedback and The Corporate Housing Strategy Prior to September 14

Dear Ward 7 Residents and fellow Calgarians,

We wanted to take a moment to express our heartfelt gratitude for your active engagement and the invaluable feedback and opinions you have shared with the Ward 7 office regarding the Housing and Affordability Task Force (HATF) recommendations, and your own lived experiences with housing affordability.

Your input is of immense importance to our office, and we want to assure you that we have listened attentively to your thoughts, concerns, and suggestions. Your voices, representing the diverse tapestry of twenty-one communities and the University of Calgary, provide an essential perspective as we work towards solutions to address the housing crisis in our city.

Like many other major cities across Canada, Calgary is in a housing crisis. A crisis of housing affordability, availability, and attainability. This is not the first challenge we have collectively faced as a City, and it will not be the last. Together we will overcome this; Through collaboration with all levels of government, the non-profit housing sector, local developers, and the citizens that are the foundation of our great city, we will be able to overcome the Housing crisis.

We understand the pressing challenges that many of you face in finding attainable housing that is affordable, and we share your concerns about the impact this has on our community's well-being, including the struggles faced by our most vulnerable populations. Your insights have further emphasized the urgency and reality of this issue, and we are committed to exploring actions beyond those listed within the HATF recommendations to ensure that our city remains a place where everyone can find safe and affordable housing, in the communities that they know and love.

Our office has also heard from many of you that have shared feedback regarding the recommended changes to the consolidation of R-C1 and R-C2 zoning into an R-CG base district, and the removal of required parking minimums for new developments. We recognize the persisting challenges that many of our communities are facing. The greatest challenge and attention to the housing crisis can be made through the creation of more non-market housing, ensuring effective and efficient land development processes within City Bylaws, and ensuring that the public’s voices are not left out in plans regarding the growth of their own communities.

We also wish to express our appreciation for the diligent efforts put forth by City administration since the June 7, 2023 vote in crafting and contextualizing the HATF recommendations to Calgary’s landscape. Their dedication to addressing this complex issue has not gone unnoticed, and we acknowledge the significant work that has been done thus far.

As we move forward, please know that your feedback will continue to inform our actions. We are committed to collaborating with all stakeholders to find solutions that are equitable and sustainable. Together, we can strive to create a city where housing is not just a fundamental right but an attainable reality for all residents.

Once again, thank you for your invaluable contributions to this important dialogue. As we approach the September 14 hearing, the Ward 7 office will provide further assessment and comments on the HATF recommendations and actions based on information from the housing needs assessment, research, and discussions from the community, other members of council, and City Administration.

If you have any further thoughts or questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to our office. Your input is always welcome.


Terry Wong

Ward 7 Councillor (he/him/his)

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