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Ward 9 - Gian-Carlo Carra

August 2023 Newsletter

Calgary Skyline

Calgary is experiencing a housing crisis.

One in five Calgary households are unable to afford where they currently live. Additionally, we expect 110,000+ new residents to move to our city over the next four years.

Exacerbated by ultra-low vacancy rates, higher-than-normal rent increases, and escalating home prices, more Calgarians are at risk of losing access to safe housing within their means. Additionally, as demand continues to outpace supply, our housing crisis threatens Calgary’s competitive advantage as one of the world’s most livable cities.

Simply put - we do not have enough housing to meet the needs of our current or growing population.

affordable housing

The City of Calgary’s Housing Strategy is being updated to foster a more equitable, inclusive, and affordable housing market in Calgary. The Strategy outlines specific actions we can take to increase and diversify our housing supply, strengthen the housing sector through partnerships, and improve living conditions for rental housing.

On September 14, 2023, the refreshed Housing Strategy will be presented to council at the Community Development Committee Meeting. Calgary residents have the opportunity to hear about the Strategy and have their say at that meeting.

You can register to speak in-person, over the phone, or submit a written comment in advance of the meeting to be added to the official public record. More information on how to participate in council meetings can be found HERE.)

Please take a moment to learn about the Affordable Housing Task Force Recommendations, and share your feedback ahead of the September 14th Committee Meeting.

Your support, comments, and feedback are a critical piece of tackling Calgary’s housing crisis. Please talk to your family, your friends, and your neighbours, and share how they can get involved.

eventful city map


We have a new Ward 9 map ready to share with the world!


We worked with an incredible Ward 9 artist, Kaitlynn Copithorne, to help share the story of and pay tribute to the City of Calgary’s flagship work on arts and culture - The Eventful City Strategy.



This map showcases all that makes Calgary a world-class leader in arts and culture and highlights the vibrant and culturally rich neighbourhoods of Ward 9 that play a vital role in maintaining this status while setting our beloved city up for long-term success.


You can check out this map (and all the Ward 9 maps) on our website, and order your free printed copies today!


We will also be coordinating with local businesses, organizations, and community groups to serve as pickup locations for this map. Stay tuned for more details on where you can find our new event map out in the wild soon!

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