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Heritage rehabilitation of Historic City Hall

Historic City Hall

Heritage Rehabilitation


The Seth Thomas Clock, originally placed in Historic City Hall in 1911, is the only remaining timepiece of its kind in Canada. To celebrate the clock’s impressive service life and history, Calgarians are invited to this unique opportunity to view the iconic timepiece now on display during regular business hours in the atrium of the Calgary Municipal Building (800 Macleod Trail SE) until late winter 2020 when it will be reinstalled in the clock tower.

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Calgary's landmark

Built between 1907 and 1911, Calgary’s Historic City Hall and its clock tower has been one of the city’s most familiar landmarks for over a century. At 109 years old, it’s the only surviving city hall of its period in Western Canada, and is a National, Provincial and Municipal Heritage Resource.

Why does Historic City Hall need rehabilitation?

After weathering the elements for more than one hundred years, the sandstone structure showed signs of deterioration. The City of Calgary is committed to taking care of this important building, and in late 2014, Council approved a $34.1 million investment to support its renewal. This project is currently underway and Historic City Hall is expected to be under restoration until July, 2020.

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Gone undercover until 2020

Historic City Hall is now completely surrounded by scaffolding and a standard protective enclosure that wraps the perimeter of the building. This covering will be in place until early 2020 while the rehabilitation of Historic City Hall is underway.

As high as 100 feet on the clock tower and 150 feet wide on each side, the enclosure wrapping the building is heavy duty and helps to protect the sandstone, the exposed building components and the workers from the weather year-round.

Because Historic City Hall will literally be “under wraps” until 2020, we thought it fitting to use imagery on the enclosure that replicates the original appearance of City Hall.