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For Calgary AfterSchool providers

The following is an overview of the training materials and resources available for Calgary AfterSchool.

Calgary AfterSchool training

All Calgary AfterSchool program staff should be certified in Social Emotional Learning and the S.A.F.E. principles. To learn about these two courses click on the links below. These online Courses are FREE.

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Access 3 - 6

In March 2020, the Calgary Board of Education (CBE) and the Calgary Catholic School District (CCSD), in partnership with The City of Calgary, announced that public rentals of schools were cancelled. This measure was taken to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission.

Today, CBE, CCSD and The City of Calgary are announcing that the Access 3-6 school rentals will be cancelled until August 31, 2021.

The CBE, CCSD, and The City, recognize the tremendous value that students and the surrounding communities derive from after-school community access to schools. As a result, this decision will be reviewed in the future around the possibility for programs restarting in fall 2021. The cancellation of Access 3-6 rentals in the meantime will allow the school jurisdictions to focus on the health and safety of students and staff.

The Access 3-6 program is changing to School Connections YYC

Is Calgary’s new online hub for connecting not-for-profit and government organizations with schools. By connecting students and families with local supports, we are working together to build stronger, healthier and more economically stable communities. Through a collaborative partnership between the City of Calgary, the Calgary Board of Education (CBE), the Calgary Catholic School District (CCSD), and United Way of Calgary the School Connections YYC Framework was created.

All not-for-profit organizations seeking to serve students and their families through CBE or CCSD schools must be pre-screened before they can apply to offer specific programs or services to a school.

Stay Tuned for more information as school rentals become available.

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