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Information for parents and families

Delivering Knowledge and Support

Our aim is to provide parents and families with the resources, support and information that they need to successfully steer their family though the youth justice system.

What are Prevention Programs, Probation, and Intensive Support and Supervision Orders?

Prevention – Prevention programs work to stop children and teens from getting into trouble. These programs are one of the most effective ways to reduce youth crime, as they divert criminal behaviour before it occurs. Our programs increase young people’s knowledge about their actions and discourage them from risky behaviour.

Probation – Probation is a court-ordered sentence which a young person serves in their community instead of a custody facility. Common probation conditions include curfews, restrictions on the places the young person can visit, and reporting to a probation officer. A youth probation officer supervises the youth to make sure they are following court orders, and supports the youth and their family through counseling, access to resources, and advocacy.

Intensive Supervision and Support Orders (ISSO) – Intensive support and supervision orders are sentencing alternatives for higher risk young offenders who the Court believes would benefit from a community-based sentence instead of a custody sentence. Young offenders under an ISSO often have complex cases, and are supervised at a higher level.

The needs of the offenders that gave rise to their criminal involvement are addressed, with priority given to mental health issues, education, and training. The goals of the Calgary ISSO Initiative are to ensure that young people have an increased level of positive community engagement, are more successful in meeting the obligations of their court order, and have their mental health concerns addressed in a timely manner.

How Youth Probation Works

The youth and their family will meet with a City of Calgary youth probation officer, who is also a Registered Social Worker. The youth probation officer will discuss the needs and risks of each youth by going through an assessment, or interview, during the first meeting. The assessment will also look at how the family and the community may be contributing to the problem, and how they can be used as a positive resource.

During the assessment, the youth probation officer will gather information about the youth’s school and employment history, what they do in their free time, their drug and alcohol use, their mental and physical health, and their family history. This information will help the youth probation officer create a customized care plan that will allow the youth to take accountability for their actions, connect the youth and their families to needed re-sources, and protect the public. Youth probation officers also prepare pre-sentence reports for the Youth Justice Court, which help the Court create meaningful and appropriate sentences.

During the probation sentence, youth probation officers follow the youth’s progress and make sure that the probation sentence terms are met. They will also continue to link the young person and their family to any resources they may need, including health, education, community, and employment services.

Useful Resources for Families

The following resources provide additional information and can help a family navigate through the youth justice system.

InformAlberta. InformAlberta is an on-line directory of Alberta's com-munity, health, social and government organizations and services that connects families to the resources they need. Suggested search terms include "youth" and "family".

City of Calgary – Child and Youth Services. Information about the youth programs and services that are offered by the City of Calgary, including the Youth Employment Centre and Calgary AfterSchool.

Calgary Police Service. Provides information regarding the Calgary Police Service’s many youth-centred initiatives, including youth mentor-ship, crime prevention, and education programs.

Calgary Transit. Information regarding bus and train services in Calgary. The site also has a route planning guide.

Probation Office Locations

  • Youth Probation Intake Office (Calgary Courts Centre)
    601 5 Street S.W.
  • South Probation Office (Centre 89 Office)
    Suite 206, 8989 MacLeod Trail S.W.
  • East Probation Office (Forest Lawn Office)
    3810 17 Avenue S.E.
  • Northwest Probation Office (Bowmont Office)
    5000 Bowness Road N.W.

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