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Chief David Crowchild Memorial Award

Each year this award is presented to honour the efforts and contributions​​​ of a person, group or organization both Indigenous and non-Indigenous who have:

  • Demonstrated leadership in building relationships between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal communities in Calgary
  • Displayed a commitment to building bridges between the Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal communities
  • Supported and encouraged effective engagement and activities between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal communities
  • Created and supported positive changes in their community

Recipients of the Chief David Crowchild Memorial Award

The 2021 Winner of Chief David Crowchild Memorial Award is Christy Morgan from the St'uxwtéws (Bonaparte) Band, part of the Secwepemc (Shuswap) Nation

Christy has worked for over 20 years in community development and relations building with the urban Indigenous community in Calgary and area. She has been a leader in facilitating relationship building between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples through her advocacy, policy and committee work. She has pushed to ensure that Aboriginal Awareness Week is accessible to all Calgarians, that Orange Shirt Day is a learning opportunity for everyone despite a global pandemic and that Indigenous and non-Indigenous people are brought together to find common understanding through differences.

Christy is looked to across the Calgary community for her leadership and perspective in Indigenous and non-Indigenous spaces. This speaks to her ability to live in parallel spaces and speak to different issues and topics that impact the whole community while highlighting the importance to consider the inclusion of and impacts on Indigenous peoples. Christy was previously recognized for her leadership and contributions to the Calgary community through being named one of Avenue Magazine’s Top 40 under 40 in 2011 and was awarded the Dr. Douglas Cardinal award for Community Leadership in 2015 by the University of Calgary Student Association and the Native Centre. In her role as Director of Indigenous Initiatives at Trellis Society, Christy supports the agency of over 350 staff to decolonize their practices and embed Reconciliation and Indigenous paradigms into their work.

Overall, Christy is known for her fierce advocacy mixed with gentle leadership. Her impact is more felt than seen as she helped develop a generation of Indigenous leaders through her work with Calgary Urban Aboriginal Initiatives, Trellis (previously Boys & Girls Clubs of Calgary) and multiple other initiatives she has participated in.

Christy has also created opportunities for people at all level of societies to understand and support the uniqueness of Indigenous people and our place in the Canadian mosaic while at the same time, encouraging Indigenous people (both clients and staff alike) to follow their individual paths. 

“Much of the work we do every day intersects with each other and plays a larger role in the formation of the community we want to see. Thank you so much for this award, it is truly one of the greatest gifts I have been honoured to receive” said Morgan, after receiving her award. 

Congratulations Christy!

Award recipients:

2021: Christy Morgan
2020: Colleen Runner Waskewitch
2019: Steve Kootenay-Jobin​
2018: Shawna Morning Bull
2017: Elaine Cairns
2016: Shawna Cunningham
2015: USAY/UofC; Uncovering Colonial Legacies
2014: Cindy Provost
2013: Carol Mason
2012: Leonard Bastien
2011: Mike Lickers
2010: Sandra Crazy Bull
2009: Vinnia Van Over Dyke
2008: Gloria Skinner
2007: Audrey Weasel Traveller
2006: Al Duerr
2005: Major Ed Boucher, (Retired)
2004: Ghost River Rediscovery
2002: Mr. Geoff Burtonshaw
2001: Mr. Pablo Russell, Mr. Michael Robinson
2000: Mr. Harry Huish
1999: Rev. Margaret Waterchief, Mr. Casey Eagle Speaker
1998: Mrs. Annie Bare Shin Bone
1997: Mr. Art Cunningham
1996: Ms. Joan Ryan
1995: Mr. Tom Jackson
1994: Mr. George Calliou
1993: Aboriginal Opportunities Committee - Chamber of Commerce
1992: Mr. Ronald Vivier
1991: Ms. Doreen Spence
1990: Mr. Harold Millican
1989: Calgary Indian Friendship Centre
1988: Mr. Hart A. Cantelon
1987: Mr. Nelson Gutnick
1986: Ms. Pauline Gladstone-Dempsey​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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