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A community of connections: Calgary Mental Health and Addiction Community Strategy and Action Plan 2021-2023

Download the full strategy and action plan document.


Mental health and addiction issues impact real lives on a very personal level. Calgary is home to diverse community groups with multiple needs. Proposed solutions must be adaptive to unique situations of individuals and families.

In April 2019, an initial phase of engagement included perspectives from service providers, first responders, people with lived experience, peer support workers and City of Calgary staff.

A summary of findings can be found in the What We Heard report.

Further engagement was held over the summer and fall of 2020. Our engagement process involved listening to understand individual and family experiences. We shared what we heard among community leaders and other stakeholders to ensure that the experiences and voices of Calgarians are included in Calgary’s Mental Health and Addiction Strategy.

Calgary's Mental Health and Addiction Strategic Framework​

Developed with stakeholders, our work has been guided by a strategic framework as shown below. At its core is our overall goal: creating hope and strengthening support for people, families and communities living with mental health issues and addictions in order to improve quality of life. This will be achieved through three themes, or sets of actions: being well, getting help and staying safe. The remainder of the strategic framework describes how we will act together and the resulting benefits for Calgarians.


Calgarians are working together to take the following actions in our community:

BEING WELL Wellness at home, at school, at work and in the community

  1. Help communities to become places where all people belong and support each other
  2. Share information in schools and in the community to help people understand what mental health and addiction are and how to support themselves and others
  3. Promote approaches to positive mental health in workplaces

GETTING HELP What you need, when, where and how you need it

  1. Establish a coordinated network of mental health and addiction services so that people can easily get the help they need when they need it.
  2. Transform a system of early access to mental health and addiction services through schools.
  3. Transform a system of early access to mental health and addiction supports and services through workplaces.
  4. Build capacity of local organizations to meet the mental health and addiction needs in the community through convening around common actions.

STAYING SAFE Security at all times, especially in a crisis

  1. Strengthen existing crisis supports.
  2. Transform how to respond to people and families in crisis and prevent future crises.


As a community strategy, no single group or organization is responsible for the actions and outcomes in the strategy and action plan. Accountability will be shared among partners who implement actions through Implementation Teams, those who fund actions through the collaborative Community Investment Table, and those who provide leadership of the strategy as part of the Leadership Group. The City of Calgary will maintain a role as convener of the strategy and action plan in the 2021-2023 period.

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