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Bridlewood Wetlands

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The Bridlewood Wetlands are located in the Bridlewood community in southwest Calgary.

Location: 45 Bridlecreek Park S.W.

Area: 6 hectares

Park hours: 5 a.m. - 11 p.m.

Park features

  • Trails
  • Pathway
  • Wetland
  • Bridge
  • Viewing platform
  • Glacial erratic

About the park

Bridlewood Wetlands Park occupies about six hectares of the Bridlewood Creek Community in the southwest part of the city. The wetland was named after the community which was developed in 1997.

Experience nature in the city

The surrounding community is a prime example of how suburban development can be integrated with nature. This wetland is part of the water management system and the surrounding home-owners not only paid a premium to live by the marsh but they signed an agreement not to use pesticides, herbicides and synthetic fertilizers.

Plant life

The boardwalk provides a good opportunity to view aquatic vegetation such as Common Cattails and Bulrushes and the many species of invertebrates that are found in and around a marsh.


The wetlands are home to several species of dabbling waterfowl including the usual Mallards and Blue-winged Teal but also Canvasbacks, Northern Pintails and Ruddy Ducks. Red-winged Blackbirds and the much less common Yellow-headed Blackbird are also found regularly in the wetland.


These wetlands are part of a natural chain that has proven to be a challenge to residential developers. In this case, rather than drain the wetlands and build over them, the wetlands were modified and built into the water processing system for the community. There is an upper drainage settling pond and then the water is released into the marshland. Find out more about protecting Calgary's Wetlands.

Tucked in the corner of the wetland is the huge glacial erratic that was transported here from Mount Edith Cavell by the glacier.​​​​​​​​​​