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Tobogganing and sledding

In the winter, tobogganing and sledding on the hills of Calgary is a thrilling way to enjoy the winter and take advantage of the snow. Several parks and greenspaces offer safe and exciting hills.

Safety first! Always remember, helmets on heads!

Tobogganing is an activity that you do at your own risk. The City is not responsible for any personal injury or damage to personal items.

City-maintained hills:

Please note: All listings are weather dependent.

Hill Location
Hill: Big Marlborough Park - dry pond Location: 755 Madeira Dr. N.E.
Hill: ​Bridlewood Location: 26 Bridleglen Road S.W.
Hill: Confederation Park Location: 2807 10 St. N.W.
Hill: Deerfoot Athletic Park Location: 1503 16 Ave. N.E.
Hill: Glendale Park Location: 2225 45 St. S.W.
Hill: ​Hidden Valley Location: 10504 Hidden Valley Dr. N.W.
Hill: Kingsland - dry pond Location: 505 78 Ave. S.W. - behind the Rose Kohn/Jimmie Condon Arenas
Hill: Maple Ridge - dry pond Location: 1127 Mapleglade Dr. S.E.
Hill: Marlborough Community Association Location:
Hill: McKenzie Towne​ Location: 160 McKenzie Towne Dr. S.E.
Hill: Monterey Park Location: 2707 Catalina Blvd. N.E.
Hill: ​New Brighton Location: ​1750 New Brighton Dr. S.E.
Hill: Prairie Winds Park  Location: 223 Castleridge Blvd. N.E.
Hill: Richmond Green Location: 2539 33 Ave. S.W.
Hill: Royal Oak Location: 9100 Royal Birch Blvd. N.W.
Hill: Rundle - dry pond Location: 4120 Rundlethorn Dr. N.E.
Hill: Sacramento - dry pond Location: 10404 Sacramento Dr. S.W.
Hill: Scarboro Location: 1737 14 Ave. S.W.
Hill: Signal Hill Location: 2063 Sirocco Dr. S.W.
Hill: St. Andrew's Heights Location: 2504 13 Ave. N.W.
Hill: Stanley Park Location: 330 42 Ave. S.W.
Hill: ​Thorncliffe/Greenview Location: 5600 Centre St. N.E.

Note: For safety reasons, the Parks and Pathways Bylaw prohibits tobogganing or sledding downhill in any City-maintained park except the ones listed above. The bylaw does not apply to private, provincial, or federal land. Citizens wanting additional hills to be considered for tobogganing can contact 311. A site assessment will be conducted and a public engagement process will determine the site's suitability.