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Mosquitoes in Calgary

​​Mosquito levels in Calgary are generally low in spring and peak in mid summer. We take a proactive approach to controlling populations.

Mosquito monitoring

Historical and seasonal data is used to plan the best timing of control methods.

We trap mosquitoes to estimate numbers and plan treatment. These traps use light, or CO2 to attract the bugs.

Reducing mosquito numbers

We treat mosquitoes with pest-specific products. They only target mosquito larvae. We use aerial applications for areas with standing water with large numbers of mosquito larvae. Aerial applications most often happen in spring. This early treatment targets the first populations of larva.

Pest management products

All products used:

  • have almost no effect on other animals or the environment. The product is only activated when eaten by a mosquito.
  • are registered and regulated by the Federal Pest Management Regulatory Agency.

Reducing mosquitos in your yard

  • Keep your yard dry and free of pools or puddles. Mosquitoes need standing water to reproduce.
  • Cut grass short and clear underbrush from shrubs. Mosquitoes will hide in shaded areas on hot days.

Tips on how & why to avoid mosquito bites

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