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Poplar trees in Calgary

Poplar trees are the backbone of Calgary's urban forest.

Why are poplar trees so popular in Calgary?

Seventy years ago, there were only seven kinds of shade trees that were able to survive in Calgary's unique climate - four of these were poplars. Those four species are the pioneers that created today's urban forest, which now supports more than 70 different tree species. Creating a liveable and sustainable urban forest is an important goal of The City. Poplar trees play an important role in making Calgary a great place to live.

Why do we need poplars?

Excess fluff, cumbersome roots and other poplar tree problems sometime drive residents to remove poplar trees, but there are many advantages to having these hardy trees in Calgary. Poplar trees can ...

  • Provide shade
  • Deflect wind
  • Filter dust
  • Trap pollen, thereby reducing allergies
  • Diffuse street noise while creating a calming "white noise" with the rustling of their leaves
  • Remove pollutants caused by the burning of fossil fuels from the air

Poplars are extremely hardy and adapted to Calgary's unique and rapidly changing climate conditions. They're extremely low maintenance, since they require minimal pruning and are highly resistant to pests and diseases. They also grow rapidly and can live up to 150 years old.

If you have any questions or concerns about City-owned trees, please call us at 311, 403-268-CITY(2489) if calling from outside Calgary or submit an online request.